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Amaila Falls hydro power plant construction agreement inked

Amaila Falls hydro power plant construction agreement inked

The Engineering Procurement and Construction agreement (EPC) for the construction of the Amaila Falls Hydro project and Transmission Line was Tuesday executed in Xian, China by Sithe Global and China Railway First Group (CRFG), Guyana’s state-run Government Information Agency (GINA) reported.

The EPC contract, valued US$506 M, is the largest infrastructure contract ever executed in Guyana.  The signing signals an important milestone in the development of the US$840 M Amaila Falls Hydro project which is expected to start by mid 2013.   [read more]]

HUGH AND I – A Tale of Two Friends – by Rafiq Khan

Tribute – By Rafiq Khan – which was delivered at the Memorial Service for the late Hugh Cholmondeley on Friday September 7, 2012 at St. George’s Cathedral.



My name is Rafiq Khan., and Hugh Neville James Cholmondeley is my friend – down to the last syllable of  his name…heard and unheard.

It does not lie in me to share with you, here and now, the best remembrances of my friend. Such memories come forth from time, distance and separation, and our friendship of some 55 years is still too close, still too alive, for the most significant memories to crystallize.

When we are in the process of growing experiences and fostering affinities, can we ever know at what point we are making a memory?                Continue reading

MY GUYANA by Naraine Datt

MY GUYANA  by Naraine Datt

Land of many waters is my forever Guyana
Sandwiched between Brazil and Venezuela
Also called the land of six peoples
Although some behave like weevils
Including the Blacks and Indians
And our neglected Amerindians

We live on the flat coastlands
From Point Playa to Springlands
My Guyana is Raleigh, Sir Walter
The fearless Elizabethan explorer
He sailed up the Orinoco
Hoping to find El Dorado
Around campfires his saga is told
How he came looking for our gold
Dr.Walter Rodney is in My Guyana
The stalwart historian, and teacher   Continue reading

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