We will Never Forget – 25 Guyanese who died on Sept 11, 2001


In Memory of the 25 Guyanese who perished on Sept. 11, 2001
WTC burning towers
• Patrick Adams:
Patrick Adams, born December 20, 1939)
Security Officer, World Trade Center – Worked on 80th Floor, Tower 2
Wife (for 47 years): Allison Adams. Left a message on the answering machine
at home informing his wife that he was trapped.  Started Army life as a volunteer. Joined the Guyana Defence Force, where he became personal bodyguard and driver to Brigadier Price. Retired at age 40 as Staff Sargeant. Later recalled and placed in charge of the Maritime Post in Kingston, Georgetown.  Daughters: Belinda, Michelle, Grace, Sandra, Carol and June  Brothers: Kenrick and Dennis   Sister: Jean; 32 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. Attended St Cyril’s Anglican School and the Government Technical Institute. Father: Herman Adams  Mother: Lilian Adams.
Rudy Bacchus 
Born May 20, 1953 at Springlands, Corentyne, Berbice); Stockbroker with Nasdaq. Former Vice President at Merrill Lynch. Started his own company: Rudy Bacchus Floor Broker.  Was attending breakfast Risk Water Conference at Windows on the World Restaurant, 107th Floor.  Home: Matuchen, New Jersey. Was ordained Deacon of the Second Baptist Church in Machuten.  Wife: Juana (of Panama)   Daughters: Berto and Carla   Father: Rodwell Anthony.  Mother: Gloria Anthony, formerly of Campbellville, Georgetown.  Brothers and Sisters: Herbert Bacchus, Charles Bacchus, Ian Anthony, Trevor Anthony, Camilia Bacchus, Desiree Anthony and Avril Anthony. 
Kris Romeo Bishundat
Was 23 at time of death;  Navy Information Systems Technician
Attended Navy College, Served on on the USS Shreveport LAD-12 in Norfolk
Was located at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001  Home: Maryland
Father: Bhola Bishundat   Family lived at Cane Grove, East Coast Demerara in Guyana.Was awarded the Purple Heart.
• Pamela Boyce
Asst. Vice President, Carr Futures; 92nd Floor, World Trade Center
Daughter of Noel Boyce, formerly of PanAm; Niece of Teddy Boyce, formerly of GNTC and Guyana Airways; Niece of Barbara Reid, formerly of Singer; Lived in Brooklyn
Annette Dataram aka Priya
Born January 20, 1976 in Guyana)  Worked as accountant – 107th Floor, World Trade Center.  Lived at South Ozone Park, New York; Father: Rajkumar Dataram, Mother: Chandra Dataram.  Brothers: Anan, Robert and Romel; Sister: Giada.  Grandmothers: Jasoda Ganesh and Mini Dataram
Attended Wales Secondary School in Guyana and Borough of Manhattan Community College in N.Y. – (Majored in Accounting).
Sabita Guman
Computer Specialist at Fiduciary Trust Company International – 97th Floor, southern tower, World Trade Center. Wife of  Deodat Guman; Mother of 2 girls
Nizam Hafiz
Worked for ReSolutions; 94th Floor, World Trade Center (Tower 1)
Former Guyana Under 19 and current USA National Cricket Team Player
Home: 133-23 118th St., South Ozone Park (Richmond Hill), NY 11420.
Ricknauth Jaggernauth
Worked for NTX Interiors – 104th Floor, World Trade Center
Home: 164 Pennsylvania Ave., Brooklyn.
Charles Gregory John
Son of Myrna John,  Brother of Janice, Orwin, Cleveland, Royston and Zamani
Security Officer, Fuji Bank.
• Bhowanie Devi Khemraj
Worked at World Trade Center.  Lived in Jersey City, New Jerse
Sarah Khan
Worked for Forte Foods/Cantor Fitzgerald  – 101st Floor, World Trade Center, Tower 1.   Husband: Nizam;  Mother of 2.  Home: South Ozone Park, Queens, New York.  Daughter of Sybil Budhram of West Coast Demerara.
Amarnauth Latchman
Worked at World Trade Center      Home: Long Island
Shevonne Mentis
Worked for Marsh Enterprises – 93rd Floor, World Trade Center, Tower 1
Home: Hollis, Queens, NY.
Marcus Neblett
Information not available.
Hardai Parbhu
Worked for Marsh and Maskan Insurance  – 98th Floor, World Trade Center.
Vishnu Ramsaroop
Was on 102nd Floor, later seen on stairway, 87th Floor
Wife: Seeta   Father of 5.   Home: Jackson Heights, Queens, New York.
Ameenia Rasool
Born March 4, 1968 at Mada, near Bush Lot, Corentyne, Berbice)
Worked for Marsh and McLennan Inc. – 98th Floor, World Trade Center, (Tower 1).  Husband: Sadiq Rasool ; Mother of four
Home: 101-21 114th Street, Richmond Hill, NY 11419
In Guyana, lived at Port Mourant and attended Bush Lot High School
Children: Aneesa, Aseefa, Saeed, Farhaad.  Father and Mother: Mohamed and Nazmoon Ifhak.  Sisters and Brothers: Bibi, Katiza, Nazir, Jamir, Hamid, Shahabadeen.  Grandparents: Noor and Farida Hoosein.
Sita Sewnarine
Worked for Fiduciary Trust Company International. 97th Floor, South Tower, World Trade Center.  Home: 127-23 102nd Road, Richmond Hill, NY 11419.
Shiv Shankar
Home: Richmond Hill, New York
Kamini Singh
Worked for Windows on the World  – 107th Floor, World Trade Center (Tower 1).  Sister of Ronald Singh (listed below). Mother: Toolsidai Singh of Rosehall, Corentyne, Guyana.  Home: 91st Ave. & 76th St., Ozone Park, Queens, N.Y.
Ronald Singh
Worked for Windows on the World – 107th Floor, World Trade Center (Tower 1).  Brother of Kamini Singh (listed above).  Mother: Toolsidai Singh of Rosehall, Corentyne, Guyana.  Home: 91st Ave. and 76th St., Ozone Park, Queens, NewYork.
Astrid Sohan
Born September 25, 1968 in Georgetown, Guyana)
Was Assistant Vice Pres., Marsh and McLennan – Expertise: Computers
95th Floor, World Trade Center (Tower 1).  Father: Clive Sohan; Mother: Barbara Sohan; Grandfather: Albert Hing.  Grandmother: Clarice Hing; Aunts: Brenda, Kim, Heather and Joan.  Uncles: Albert, Richard and Ronald
Joyce Stanton
Information not available.
Patricia Stanton
Information not available
Vanava Thompson
Worked for ABM, assigned to Marsh USA
Was on duty on 73rd Floor, World Trade Center, Tower 2
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  • DMITRI ALLICOCK  On 09/11/2012 at 5:31 pm

    The heroes who lost their lives on that tragic day will always be celebrated and held high as symbols of freedom for which this great country called the United States of America stands for.
    “It is impossible to fully comprehend the evil that would have conjured up such a cowardly and depraved assault upon thousands of innocent people.” — Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien, Sept. 11.
    God bless the families and loves ones of all the victims.
    God bless America.

  • Rosaliene Bacchus  On 09/12/2012 at 12:01 am

    May those they have left behind be comforted.

  • Cyril Balkaran  On 09/12/2012 at 3:26 am

    They all met with an untimely death in the pursuit of their daily duties. Remember work is worship and true work is true worship. May their souls rest in peace and may their surviving loved ones find the solace to accept what the devil had decreed on that fateful morning of September 11th 2001. God Bless the victims. their families and GOD BLESS AMERICA!

    • canjeboy  On 09/11/2013 at 8:02 pm

      Cyril Balkaran,
      Why your GOD, did not prevent their DEATH? Also, why should GOD BLESS AMERICA, when they are directly responsible for more human deaths and horrendous suffering than all of the other countries combine.

  • canjeboy  On 09/11/2013 at 8:18 pm

    Cyril Balkaran,
    Why your GOD, did not prevent their DEATH on 11th. Sept. 2011? If your GOD had stopped those people dying, there would be no need to bless them or their families. Also, why should GOD BLESS AMERICA !, when they are directly responsible for more human deaths and horrendous suffering than the sum all of the other countries on this planet.

  • deokie  On 09/12/2013 at 1:39 am

    Sad day in history.

  • Ishwar Prashad  On 09/12/2013 at 3:02 pm

    Thanks for sharing the names of those who perished on that day of infamy. Hope their loved ones are well I have often wondered who they were and now I know and do offer my condolences to their families.

  • V Ramcharran  On 09/16/2013 at 11:25 pm

    This is the first time I am reading the description of Guyanese who died on 9/11 and it saddens me greatly that these innocent people had to give up their lives for such an insane cause.
    I can relate to some of the places in Guyana they once lived, because I have relatives there and our paths must have crossed on the same dirt road.
    Where there is violence, more will be generated to get even. Its a lose lose situation that is proven true, as we look at the big picture of the world today.


  • Winston Overton  On 03/03/2014 at 9:42 pm

    I am so grateful that Rudy Bacchus has not been forgotten. May God bless his soul and truly comfort all his Loved Ones. He was a charismatic gentle giant among Floor Brokers of the American Stock Exchange. He had hoped to one day visit Guyana with me and his family. He will never be forgotten by all those, whose lives he touched; as is evidenced by the mention of him in my book – “Wall Street Scandals” by Winston Overton. (Page 7)
    May God also bless the other souls that departed this life on 9/11 and bring peace and comfort to their Loved Ones.

  • Meena  On 09/11/2019 at 9:54 am

    My heart is just sad today, they have just passed on in such an innocent way, (Heroes) that is still unbelievable today! There are a few from my hometown, and my heart goes out to their families ❤🙏 God bless!

  • Deodat Guman  On 09/11/2019 at 3:51 pm

    My name is Deodat Guman you miss spelling my wife name is not sabita her name is Babita Guman

  • Francis Quamina Farrier  On 09/11/2021 at 1:43 pm

    Although 20 years have passed, condolences are still in order to all Family members and Friends of those Guyanese who lost their lives on 9/11. May their souls Rest in Peace.

    • Chris  On 09/11/2021 at 11:00 pm

      The pain of losing a loved one never goes away.

  • wally n  On 09/11/2021 at 2:08 pm


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