Our image of Africa is hopelessly obsolete

Our image of Africa is hopelessly obsolete

The huge advances the continent has made in recent years have yet to be acknowledged by the west

The Observer,   Sunday 26 August 2012
BOB GELDOF, Ethiopia

 The way it was: Bob Geldof in Ethiopia in 1985. Photograph: Rex Features

Think of Ethiopia and what do you see. Perhaps a starving child, flies in her eyes and belly distended. Painfully thin adults in raggedy clothes, staring balefully at the camera in a fetid refugee camp. Or possibly a famous self-declared saviour from the west, striding purposefully past the decaying corpse of an animal beside a dusty road.

Think again. See, instead, a booming capital city, its cafes filled with graduates and cranes lining the horizon. A nation that is one of the world’s largest livestock producers and recently became the second country to take delivery of Boeing’s new 787 passenger jet. An economy that doubled in size this century and is growing at 7.5%.                        [Read more]

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  • Rosaliene Bacchus  On 09/08/2012 at 2:22 am

    Thanks for sharing this article.

    To show the real face of Africa will destroy the myth of the African persona, propagated by the West.

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