U.S. Doctors Struggling with Burnout – video by Dr. Mercola

Nearly Half of U.S. Doctors Struggling with Burnout

Story at-a-glance

  • Nearly half of U.S. doctors have at least one symptom of burnout; 30 percent have high depersonalization scores
  • I detail my own experience in undergoing seven years of medical education and twenty five years of clinical experience and to help you have a deeper appreciation of the factors that contribute to burnout
  • Fatigue can erode professionalism, compromise quality of care, and increase medical errors
  • The entire system seems to set the physician up for burnout, from exhausting medical internships and residencies to heavy financial burdens, long work hours making serious, oftentimes life-and-death decisions, along with loss of autonomy in treatment choices and dwindling reimbursement rates 
  • An obvious side effect of doctor burnout is medical errors. One 2010 study revealed that 18 percent of patients were harmed by medical care and over 63 percent of the injuries could have been prevented. In nearly 2.5 percent of these cases, the problems caused or contributed to a person’s death. In another 3 percent, patients suffered from permanent injury, while over 8 percent experienced life-threatening issues
  • While there are no easy answers, one obvious alternative is to minimize your interactions with the conventional system – primarily because most conventional treatment strategies in no way shape or form address the underlying cause of your disease

View VIDEO and read complete article: U.S. Doctors Struggling with Burnout

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