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U.S. Doctors Struggling with Burnout – video by Dr. Mercola

Nearly Half of U.S. Doctors Struggling with Burnout

Story at-a-glance

  • Nearly half of U.S. doctors have at least one symptom of burnout; 30 percent have high depersonalization scores
  • I detail my own experience in undergoing seven years of medical education and twenty five years of clinical experience and to help you have a deeper appreciation of the factors that contribute to burnout
  • Fatigue can erode professionalism, compromise quality of care, and increase medical errors
  • The entire system seems to set the physician up for burnout, from exhausting medical internships and residencies to heavy financial burdens, long work hours making serious, oftentimes life-and-death decisions, along with loss of autonomy in treatment choices and dwindling reimbursement rates  Continue reading
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