Hundreds of booths expected at Guyexpo 2012

Hundreds of booths expected at – spaces going fast – GTA Director

 August 24, 2012 By 

Georgetown. Guyana – Expressions of interest for participation in Guyana’s leading trade fair and exhibition are consistently growing with over 200 exhibitors having already registered for the event slated for September 27-30  at the Sophia Exhibition Complex, under the theme ‘Strengthening the Traditional, Embracing the New”.

Today, Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA), Indranauth Haralsingh at a press briefing pointed out that infrastructural work on the exhibition centre has already commenced and includes improvement to the drainage system and enhancement of the compound.

Booths expected at the event number more than 400 at the four-day event. 

Haralsingh highlighted that the booth spaces are being snapped up very fast and as a result this year’s Guyexpo is expected to be the largest ever. He noted that each year the phrase ‘bigger and better’ is being used to describe the expo however, he is optimistic this year will indeed surpass the others.

Guyexpo is an exhibition which allows all businesses to showcase their products and services, creativity/innovativeness, interact with customers and buyers, share information, obtain valuable feed back on new products/services, access new markets and create new linkages.

Guyana has a lot of potential as such this year focus is being placed on bringing international buyers to the expo. Barbados, St. Lucia, Canada, the United States of America (USA), Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname and French Guiana have confirmed their participation in the event.

The expo will include a children’s area, a two – hour buyers’ time, seminar on the Jagdeo Initiative, a booth highlighting Guyana’s image in 2015, food courts, controlled music levels and efficient parking for 1000 vehicles.

The event’s opening ceremony is scheduled for September 27 at 18:00 hours.

Meanwhile the gates will be opened to the public from 15:00 hrs- 23:00hrs on September 28, and at 13:00hrs- 23:00 hrs on September 29 and 30

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  • Frank Ferreira  On 08/25/2012 at 1:02 pm

    This all sounds really wonderful; but what are the net contributing results of such an exercise, as it relates in very productive ways, to improve the lives of the MAJORITY of the desperately POOR, IMPOVEISHED POVERTY STRICKEN Guyanese, who daily struggle with the reality on not having enough, (or if any) of the everyday basic essentials of affordable FOOD, HOUSING, MEDICAL CARE and I would add CLOTHING ???????????
    I am certainly not saying that tools like these should not be focused on. However when I read the words BIGGER, BETTER being in cooperated, as they are so often used – the question which automatically resonate in my mind is;
    -When and how (what plans are in place)for these words BIGGER AND BETTER to become a TRUE MEANING and A REAL PART of the vocabulary and RUSH DOWNWARD (NOT TRICKLE DOWN) to the desperately POOR, IMPOVIESHED AND PROVERTY STRICKEN MAJORITY of current Guyanese IRREVELANT OF THEIR RACE, RELIGION,POLITICS, SEX ( and it’s orientation factor) and any other discriminatory thinking ???
    I challenge anyone who is really interested, to carry a forward thinking, logical conversation about bringing and effecting REAL CHANGE to GUYANA and OUR PEOPLE.

  • Cyril Balkaran  On 08/25/2012 at 1:44 pm

    This one sounds as a TRADE FAIR for THE Caribbean and Guyana. Everywhere there are trade fairs and people who want to have an edge on the normal financial and marketing systems do visit and place large orders for anything they may wish to purchase for resale later. The prices are often different and so the economics will also vary. IT’s good for small and medium size businesses to exist on a small margin of profit. So that they too can buy the amenities for survival in this life. Food, clothings and shelter! Trade Fairs increase the cash flow and credit ratings of all who participate in it. Good luck folks! Guyana need more of this so that we can sell our products as wooden furniture of all kinds of wood. Our finest sugar and rice both parboiled and white rice. Our handicraft items and our Gold Jewellery. Just to name a few. Our hard lumber has ended up in every caribbean country and are used as Light Poles, wallaba electric and telephone poles.

  • n. aUGUSTUS  On 08/25/2012 at 2:03 pm

    Thanks Cyril for putting a more positive spin on the fair. Frank fustration is understandable, but as they say Rome was not built in a day. The first challenge for Guyana is for all its leaders to understand this. We have to start with what can be agreed on then move to an accomdation wiith as many issues left as possible. The opposition should have spent the same or more time on shaping the future with plans and amendments to existing ones ready for submission as is their focus on reviewing and modifying old programs and policies. Too many are worrying about who is on top instead of who is at the bottom. The onlhy “race” that matters is whether it is to the top or bottom for all. Just saying.

  • Frank Ferreira  On 08/25/2012 at 5:03 pm

    I hear you brothers – In reference to the Rome thing. Several years have now gone by and Guyana has become a joke now and disrespected. As a Guyanese I feel certainly this does not have to be this way. Our appalling poverty has now become a Guyanese accepted manmade problem – and not a challenge any longer, to be worked on within a realistic and logical time frame to challenge, minimize ,overcome and ban.
    Guyana’s decency and respectability on the international stage has become a joke within the same communities and (worldwide) we are wanting and expect to trade with. I do not mean this to be nasty to anyone / anybody or to create a negative spin. But the real appalling poverty which does exist right now in Guyana is a very real, unwanted and unnecessary fact created by Guyanese about Guyanese.
    Cyril I hear you loud and clear about Trade Fairs as I have been involved with several over my career and you are right it is about trade. Further you have made good valuable points Guyanese should be proud of.
    However at the end of this day (or any day) question that still resonates is – Will the desperately POOR, IMPOVEISHED, POVERTY STRICKEN Guyanese who is in the majority, be able to buy, own and enjoy (legally and respectably) for them and their families, the things created from this potential bounty . Well I say the answer is sadly a big fat ‘NO’.
    You see there is a thick, heavy wall of silence regarding the Guyanese man made, very real, unwanted and unnecessary appalling poverty in Guyana created by Guyanese (and I would say) about and for Guyanese.Our Society will not have real positive, productive change to regain respectability until this real, appalling Guyanese created scourge, has been addressed and corrected by Guyanese for Guyanese.
    I ask and challenge again Guyanese who are really interested in bringing about and effecting REAL PRODUCTIVE, POSITIVE CHANGE to Guyana, our people and society. To move their level of interest to carry and continue to carry real honest, forward thinking conversational debates of the quality, which will create an action plan to end this unnecessary degradation done by Guyanese to Guyanese.

  • Cyril Balkaran  On 08/26/2012 at 3:45 am

    Change will eventually come to the country and people of the Guyanese diaspora. Do we want change for change sake or do we want those who are responsible and are at the helm of our affairs in the State to sit down and as sober men and women look and see what the power of Inclusion means, If half ot this Nation is building and the other half is not involving itself in the said task then something is definitely wrong and this is the something we will have to fix. The road ahead may be long and arduoud but it is better to walk on such a road when at the end of the journey we will see the light and hope at the end of the tunnel.
    guyana has 83,000 square miles of underutilized and unused lands. The question is development of these large terrains by each of the 10 regions in Guyana. There must be a policy on Agriculture to bring the arable lands into use and so the Distribution land plan must start soon. Involve the people of each region into land and aquatic programs and encourage the idle population to migrate to the interior. Your plan that has brought the Amerindians out of the interior fell short as the city and rural folks should have been encouraged to move into the Amerindian settlements as a kind of exchange program. It is never too late to develop a kind of reciprocal program where our youths can become the skilled entrepreneurs as they move into the hinterland. Open the Interior to all our overseas population who may have an interest in doing business and investing their finance in Guyana’s huge hinterland.

  • Cyril Balkaran  On 08/31/2012 at 8:40 am

    All who are calling for a change of whatever nature they desire and intend to make must be mobilizing their wards for such eventuality. January 2013 is around the corner and whenever the president so desires he will so declare a date for such a consolidation of his hold onto power or by the populace agreements he shall relinqish the same. So while we are calling for change we must also be preparing ourselves to accept the responsibility that goes with change. This global village has seen changes at many levels and some were social,economics, socioeconomics, cultural,spiritual,geographic.religious, and political changes. In preparation for any one kind of change we must contemplate the desire for change and in which direction we want to direct such changes.
    Financial, Crime, Gun running, money laundering and so on. When we focus right then we will win the war and Change will truly be meaningful!

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