Letter to the Editor – by Eusi Kwayana

Letter to the Editor – by Eusi Kwayana

The Editor.  Kaieteur News. Georgetown

Dear Editor,

I thank heaven that the barefaced and cowardly attack on Mr. Freddie Kissoon did not come from the typical street person, who gets the bad name for everything bad in Guyana.  The offender’s mode of escape shows that the offender or his handler is not of the suffering class.

The attack on Mr Kissoon, well known for his solidarity with those he knows to be sufferers and victims of injustice, and now with Lindeners, falls into a pattern of political behaviour. Clearly it comes from the government or its defenders.  Although he escaped serious injury the attack must be classed among the Ugliest, coming from a  political desert and a wish to control everything and everyone in sight.  In 2010 they attacked him with human body waste. Now they threw a human body itself unto the fray, wasting a whole person. That is not all. They fired him as an academic with the special provision, worthy of the courts, that he should never be hired again in any capacity . 

Mr. Ramkarran tried to be a good party member and to correct his comrades from within, as Mr. Ramjattan and Mr. Nagamootoo had done in their time.  They have shut up their own comrades. Now they want to shut up the population.

Some do not have to be told to shut up. The eminent Mr. Ashton Chase is silent by choice, while Dr Luncheon and Mr. Prime Minister Hinds babble by choice.

I just want to bring a truth from natural science into present day political affairs.

If the DNA of those who walked the earth in Africa thousands of years ago is in all of us, Africans and others, then the political DNA of those who were active in past times remains in the political system.  Not everyone will agree, I know. But we are deceiving ourselves if we pretend or believe that because of age or inactivity “it has nothing to do” with us.

But then self-deception is a national illness.  In the full glare of the 2011 general election results the President appointed a one- party administration so that the same clique could control the wealth of the country.   There was no outcry from the free press or from the opposition.  We have conspired in depriving the voters of their rightful entitlements.

And that is one reason why Linden happened. And we are in mourning,

Yours respectfully

Eusi Kwayana


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  • leonard Joseph Punambolam  On 08/18/2012 at 9:22 pm

    I agree with Mr. Eusi Kwayana (Sydney King) who changed his name in the 60s. It was the right thing to do for his name to be after his ancestors and at the same time, he can be clearly seen as non-English individual who fought all his life for liberation, equality and a just society. He was one of the pioneers that led the fight against oppression and Colonialism against the British. I’m proud to know that you can be able to voice your opinion on a very elusive but resolvable crisis.
    Looking back, I can see some similarities with you, Ramjattan and especially Moses. You were first elected to parliament under the PPP banner in 1953 which you had strong alliance with; you subsequently became the first communications minister that included works, post offices and foreign affairs to mention a few. That was a huge portfolio you had and yet your performances were impeccable. After that you formed the ASCRIA, joined Burnham with the PNC; dropped out from him and started the WPA. You were searching for the correct platform that can use your beliefs for the advancement of your loving country.
    You were also one of the founding members of PAC (Political Affairs Committee) that later on became the PPP. After the 1953 elections, there was a struggle with your party for leadership. Forbes wanted it and Cheddi wanted it also. After some serious discussions and long meetings, Ashton Chase and you stood by Dr. Jagan and Dr. Latchmansingh and N. Singh allied with Forbes; Dr. Jagan ended up being the leader. This created a riff within the party and Mr. Burnham left and formed his own party and you went with Forbes for a short time. Why did you leave?
    Ever since then, this racial divide remains unto today. I do visit Guyana frequently and have been impressed with the non-alignment of our youths on this Indian and Negroes concept. They don’t want to hear about that; they don’t know about it and when an older person (politician) tries to invoke that mentality to them, then they must be stopped on their tracks before any momentum is built. It is sickening and from what you’ve said, genetically we are all the same by DNA and race shouldn’t be brought up in Guyana anymore. We have gone through more than we can take.
    The 2011 elections, demonstrated to us that a Minority Government was elected for the first time in Guyana; it tells us something, but we didn’t pay heed to it. It was a serious opportunity that hit us on “the Face” and we failed to make use of it.
    It would have been in the best interest of the country to have a MULTI-PARTY GOVERNMENT; the people had voted for that, but the leadership did not have the insight to have seen that would have been the better choice. I’m not pointing the fingers solely on the government, but Brigadier Granger should have negotiated that deal with President Ramotar and keep the AFC out of it, however, we have gone by that opportunity and must work cohesively now for a better Guyana.
    Marx and Lenin elaborate on this unique opportunity. They wrote that when it comes, make full use of it, because it doesn’t come often; it would make the party stronger by having your main critics inside your chambers and everything would be transparent; the oppositions cannot go out to the public and say that they knew nothing of what happened, and most of all, it’s the best conditions for growth, accountability and a smooth and effective government that would be working for the people. After all, they are the MAJORITY and we cannot deny them that right.
    Marx strongly suggested restraint of “splinter groups” within the form of this type of government. That means Moses and Ramjattan. I do not know if Mr. Granger would have approved of it.
    What we have seen for the eight months after the Nov. elections, are only revenge and spite of the PPP/C from the AFC. They were never for constructive dialogue; for their only purpose was to disturb the norm of government and incite the workers in the sugar industry and then before the killings of the 3 men in Linden falsely prompt up the demonstrators. That was why Marx and Lenin cautioned of them. They are destructive and do not have the Guyanese at heart; their sole intent is to bring the country down and then go to the people and sway them for their vote.
    I wrote about it; there must be an effective economic plan for Region 10; residences need to work to provide for their families. All parties must be committed; that is businesses (foreign and local), workers, and government and trades unions.
    As of now, I was just told that the economic plan has been accepted by Mr. Solomon and his committee. I do hope that the people of Region 10 would accept it and move forward. By accepting that and by the commissions of inquiry that is in place, you’ll be able to make the lives of your brothers and sisters in Region 7, 8 and 9 to be normal again..

  • Cyril Balkaran  On 08/19/2012 at 6:28 am

    Everyone was hoping that the stymed Parliament was going to be dissolved sooner than later and so they were not in the negotiating mode not even Granger. The dream to become the President of Guyana was overwhelming and so caution at the Political level was thrown to the wind.
    That a small but economically vibrant and politically sensitive sectoion of the country was chosen as the Political pilot area showed the mentality of the leaders who approved the decision that Linden must be the Sacrificial Lamb.They have to pay the Political Price when the time comes. That Ramoutar’s visit was more that a plus even though the citizens shut themselves in was a victory for president Ramoutar. How can an argument over the cost of Electricity lead to such anti state venom? Have this consultation reached the ears of elderly statesman Eusi Kwayana. He has aged now and sees the fighting African DNA in everyone in Guyana. May be our anscestors have originated from Etiopia, at least some of us.

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