Linden yet to return to normalcy

Linden yet to return to normalcy

AUGUST 4, 2012 | BY KNEWS |
It has been just over two weeks since the protest against increased electricity tariffs for the mining town of Linden started, and the shooting to death of the three Lindeners who were buried on Wednesday, but the town is yet to return to a state of normalcy.

In fact the major thoroughfares which facilitate ingress and egress to the community are still blocked, and manned by residents who are determined not to ‘retreat or surrender’ until the increased tariffs are withdrawn.

President Ramotar had said in a statement that the increase would be put on hold, but Lindeners have reiterated that they “would rather starve” than agree to a suspension that could be reversed at any time.     

Linden Fund USA and the Relief Committee also of the USA which collaborated with them, recently donated US $3000 to help feed Lindeners.  Nine food camps were each allotted food items, to the value of $50,000 and $80,000 depending on the respective camp’s capacity, to cook and deliver the food on a daily basis to the people on the streets.

There are also plans to present shut-ins and other vulnerable persons with hampers utilizing the money remaining.
Both the Linden Fund USA and the Relief Committee were applauded by Lindeners for the kind gesture.

Secretary of the Committee of Management of LUSCSL, and RDC councillor Charles Sampson, who was most vocal in commending the organizations, said that the gesture was highly appreciated, and was most timely.

Sampson pointed out that the Linden Fund has always come to the support of Lindeners, both in the good times, and in times of crisis.
“I would personally like to commend these organizations for this magnanimous gesture, and we here in Linden would like them to know that what they did is highly appreciated; and we certainly hope that more of this help would be forthcoming in the upcoming days,’ Sampson added.
The food items acquired with the money are presently being used to feed people who are currently involved in the protest action and cannot work.

Lindeners are free to go to any of the food camps or kitchens and get a meal, free of cost.
The head of one camp at the Wismar end of the  told this newspaper that on the night of the last wake and funeral for the murdered Linden trio, close to eight thousand meals were distributed.

Several men and women across Linden have been volunteering their time to cook daily at these nine camps. And on any given day persons could be seen dropping in to get a ‘bite’.
Some persons have however suggested that, with any future donations, more attention should be paid to the less fortunate, who might not be able to venture out to the camps on a daily basis.

Moreover, residents have complained that the banks are faced with a shortage of cash. One resident told Kaieteur News that several Automated Teller Machines do not have any cash and the banks have not being refilling them. (Latoya Giles)

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  •  On 08/10/2012 at 7:03 pm

    Lindeners have their hand on the PULSE of this headache. If the FAT CATS in government are given WELFARE for doing nothing, then give the hard working poor something for their labor. Remember, your blood should not be shed in vain.

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