AFC on Linden – Nigel Hughes and Moses Nagamootoo – video

AFC on Linden – Nigel Hughes and Moses Nagamootoo – video

The opposition parties are making it clear that the Home Affairs Minister – Clement Rohee – cannot divorce himself from the police force’s action at Linden last week during a protest by residents. The police riot squad in an effort to disperse the protesting crowd fired live rounds at the protestors. Three of them died. Over 20 others were seriously injured. There have been calls for Rohee to resign, he says he is staying put. The opposition will now be moving to the national assembly with a no confidence motion. AFC Executive member, Attorney Nigel Hughes said the Home Affairs Minister should allow his conscience to be his guide and just demit office.

Former PPP now AFC Member of Parliament Moses Nagamootoo said the Lindeners had every right to protest.  Nagamootoo has also issued a call for the rest of Guyana to understand the concerns of Lindeners and be supportive of their cause.

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  • de castro  On July 30, 2012 at 11:29 am

    if comrade refuses to resign….maybea “pay off” will see his departure….
    JUDAS accepted SILVER lets see what the price for our ministers resignation
    will be ! 20 pieces of “gold” …maybe !
    in todays climate early retirement and a “pension usually does the trick !

    It is a “test” of the “power” motivation in “politricks”….
    In business “sacking” or “pay off” is the norm….in POLITRICKS it should be “honourable” reignation. …

    lets see ow things develop

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