Government seeking to create atmosphere of instability – Nagamootoo

Government seeking to create atmosphere of instability – Nagamootoo

JUNE 28, 2012 | BY KNEWS |   – says Rohee is going through a political nightmare

If one were to judge from the recent comment by Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee, the government may be contemplating a situation of national emergency.
This is the view of Executive Member of the Alliance For Change, Moses Nagamootoo, in response to the Minister’s explanation for the slashing of the Annual Vacation Leave of senior police officers.

“The administration is behaving like it’s in a barrack room where it appears as if its back is against the wall and so it is imagining a constitutional crisis that may result in the dissolution of parliament or may result in extra-parliamentary activities,” Nagamootoo said. 
The Home Affairs Minister, in trying to defend the slashing of the senior police officers’ annual leave, gave several explanations.  [more]

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  • Cyril Balkaran  On 06/29/2012 at 6:37 am

    Mr.Nagamootoo may I ask who is also contributing to the much anticipated state of National emergency. Remember the Government owes the population a duty which is sancrocant and is within the the Constitutional provisions of the land. You and others are squandering the opportunity that this One Majority has given you and you are a contributor to the current impasse and deadlock that is haunting the nation of which you and party are playing the provocative game.If you were the head of the household What would you do. After all you have offered yourself as a candidate in the elections and do not care for your record as you are on a reckless political path. Cooperation is out of the window and Political stagnation is the order of the day. The last Political Emergency was declared in the 1960’s Do you remember those days my friend, Why provoke such a state instead of cooperation with the President and others. You were until recently one of them. Jagan must be turning in his Political Grave for your actions are less than Honourable and noble my good friend!

  • GTRealist  On 06/29/2012 at 2:26 pm

    Mr. Balkaran. here you go again blaming the opposition for all of the problems in the politics Guyana. Get real and be objective.
    Nagamootoo stayed with the PPP too long. He was used and abused and could take no more of the den of thieves and sex offenders The PPP is no longer the party of Jagan so do not call his name in vain – may his soul RIP.
    The majority of the people voted against the PPP. We want CHANGE. We want honest government. The corruption is massive and the country is being stolen by a few. The opposition is now able to demand real answers for thr people, and that is the problem. The PPP will not be able to stand the fallout of what will be revealed, so they are blocking the NICIL corruption investigations. The people are not fooled and will not use violence, but the pressure will continue. You will see! The opposition will not co-operate in the rape of Guyana’s resources and the enrichment of a few while the poor get poorer. Nagamootoo is an honest man. He should be President.

  • Cyril Balkaran  On 06/30/2012 at 9:12 am

    The battle today in Guyana, my learned friend is not who should be the President or which political combination should dominate the political landscape of Guyana, it is about uprooting the corruption that has become endemic in the first place and now it is an epidemic in the land. Are there sufficient measures in place to bring the corrupter into the full glare of the existing laws? Can we say that with the participation of the Private Sector we will be able to bring the perpetrators to face the criminal charges then face the jail sentences.
    Since so many Public officers are allegedly involved and are aided and abetted by highly placed institutional personalities, what assurances can be given that the information so released will not be acted upon. The Caribbean countries have had a long history of corruption and Corrupted politicians and leaders who sweep things under the Carpet.The small nation of Greada with the Coards and Bishop episode is now history. The Haitian Crisis precipitated by the actions of both Papa Doc and Baby Doc. Look and feel for the poorest people of this region. The Dynastic and despotic rule of LFSB in our own land. In Russia a great Oil Magnate is locked up in the jail of Russia for Corruption, Putin was the PM then and today Putin is the President of Russia. In our own region the great Cricket Magnate of ODI fame is served with110 years in Jail Do we have the systems in place to bring about whatever is needed in Guyana to settle the scores with Crime Busters and bring them to a Court for speedy resolution of their cases. Or is it in the National Interest for a Special Tribunal to be set up to deal exclusively with these issues of Corruption at all levels! Now that the President has taken the lead and have issued the call for help from the Private sector, to fully cooperate with the Government in such a fight, we must also learn from past experiences and give of our best at this time! .

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