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GUYANA – The Land of Many Waters and Fish – Dmitri Allicock



A Wai-Wai shooting fish – Upper Demerara River –  early 1900’s

GUIANA is the Amerindian word for the Country between the two rivers Orinoco and Amazon and derived from the root word” Winna” meaning “water or watery country” and to all Guyanese it known as “the land of many waters”.

Approximately 90% of Guyana’s population, affected by history, still lives along the coastal plains. An exceptionally large portion of this sparsely populated vast country’s interior is uninhabited or lightly populated. It boasts four mountain ranges including Mount Roraima 9,304 feet, over 270 Waterfalls, 18 lakes and dense equatorial and largely virgin tropical rainforest covering over 80% of this country.

The area sustains over 1000 tree species, 1,200 mammals, birds and 1800 species of fish.

Read complete article – FISHING IN GUYANA – by Dmitri Allicock

Lindeners take grievances outside President’s office

Lindeners take grievances outside President’s office

June 26, 2012 – Demerara Waves

Lindeners on Tuesday took their rejection of government’s plans to hike electricity tariffs from July 1 to outside President Donald Ramotar’s office as he was chairing cabinet.

The little more than 40 persons, who were bussed in from the bauxite mining town, also added to their list of grievances- government’s television monopoly and dust pollution.

Region 10 Chairman, Sharma Solomon; regional parliamentary representative, Vanessa Kissoon and Region 10 Councillor, Leslie Gonsalves were among the influential persons present.

Restating that Lindeners do not have the earning power to pay a total of GUY$1 billion-the subsidy that government has scrapped- for electricity from next month, Sharma defended the small number of protesters who participated in the picketing exercise.   Continue reading

Gov’t rushes through Audit Office appointments in AFC’s absence

Gov’t rushes through Audit Office appointments in AFC’s absence

June 25, 2012 (Demerara Waves)

The opposition on Monday accused pro-government members of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of taking advantage of the absence of an Alliance For Change (AFC) member to rush approving the appointment of, among others,  Mrs. Ashni Singh as a Director of the Audit Office- something the opposition regards as a conflict of interest.

The AFC said in a statement that the it parliamentarian, Trevor Williams, was “unfortunately” delayed travelling on the Essequibo River.

“The AFC believes that a matter as important as this, with constitutional and ethical implications ought not to have been the subject of a PAC vote as engineered by the PPP representative in the absence of the full committee of the PAC,” the party said.

Calling the move a “sleight of hand” especially since the AFC’s member had asked for an adjournment to allow for the PAC to get more time to be “better advised,” the party said it would take steps for the decision to be reviewed.

The AFC and APNU have raised concerns about Mrs. Singh’s appointment, saying that her husband- Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh chairs several boards including the National Industrial and Commercial Investment Limited (NICIL), Bank of Guyana and National Procurement and Tender Administration.  [more]

Guyana carries continent’s highest suicide rate – video

Guyana carries continent’s highest suicide rate

The World Health Organisation says global suicide rates have increased by 60 per cent over the past 45 years.
In the tiny South American nation of Guyana, one in every 4,000 people end their own lives, the highest rate in the continent.

Guyana a country situated on the main land of South America has been reported to have the highest suicide rates in the entire continent of South America, and one of the highest in the world. These rates rank high among the Indo-Guyanese Population. There has been a tradition of suicides through hanging and drinking of pesticides.

However, it has not been acknowledged as a social problem until recently when religious groups and community workers decided to intervene by providing counseling. Speculations are that the economic pressures among religious contractions pertaining to courtships and marriage are the major causes.

Importantly, Guyana is the poorest nation in South America with its dollar being 200G =1US for over a decade now. Despite ecotourism industry, bauxite, gold and diamond mining sugar and rice exports there has been very little economic progress toward lowering the value of its dollar. As such, the cost of living is some 300% higher than the average income of the highest paid professional. (comment from Vauldine – Allvoices. Miami Florida)

Schenectady Hindu congregation addresses suicide among Guyanese

Schenectady Hindu congregation addresses suicide among Guyanese

Pandit Jai Misir, foreground center in blue, the chief priest at the Schenectady Hindu Temple poses on Sunday, June 17, 2012 at the temple in Schenectady with a group of members of the temple who went through a training program to deal with and to work to prevent teen suicides. (Paul Buckowski / Times Union)

(TIMES UNION).-SCHENECTADY — The car veered out of control and slammed into a tree along Fuller Station Road in Guilderland in November. The one-car wreck appeared to be another tragic accident that claimed the life of the driver, but people who attended the funeral of 19-year-old Ganesh Deodat of Schenectady said he intended to kill himself.                Continue reading

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