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THE ARTS JOURNAL Volume 7 Numbers 1 & 2 (2011)


THE ARTS JOURNAL Volume 7 Numbers 1 & 2 (2011)

Review by Nigel Westmaas

Nigel Westmaas is Assistant Professor of Africana Studies

at Hamilton College, a liberal arts University in New York.

Keeping an arts journal (or for that matter any journal) alive and active is a traditionally difficult commission in Guyana. By the standards of journals and periodicals of any kind Timehri, Kyk-Over-al and Kaie are the three way ahead of the rest in terms of durability. Timehri has the record with a century of publication. Kyk-Over-Al, more exclusively cultural in content than Timehri, was started by the British Guiana Writers Association in 1945 and was still being maintained, with the occasional lapse, until the late 1990s. Fifty years plus! A remarkable record by any standard.

Download:  THE ARTS JOURNAL Volume 7 Review

Ed Ahmad building housing scheme, mall, at Leonora

Ed Ahmad building housing scheme, mall, at Leonora

JUNE 26, 2012 | BY KNEWS |   NICIL sold land ‘strictly’ for wood processing

Ed Ahmad

New York-based Guyanese, Edul Ahmad, who is facing trial in a US$50 million mortgage-fraud scheme, is looking to build a posh housing scheme, mall and gas station at Leonora, West Coast Demerara. The housing development would be called Hollywood Gardens.
The land for the project was previously owned by the state-owned Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo), up to 2008. The almost 17-acre plot was sold by the government’s asset holding company, NICIL.

In announcing the sale, NICIL and the Privatisation Unit had said that the use of the land was restricted to value-added wood processing operations. The sale of the land was made to one of Ahmad’s companies, South American Woods Incorporated.   Continue reading

GRA targets smugglers at Guyana/ Suriname border

GRA targets smugglers at Guyana/ Suriname border

JUNE 26, 2012 | BY  |

Boat owners plying their trade at the Guyana/ Suriname border are now required to report to Customs at Corriverton and Nickerie, with valid Customs Clearance for the boats, as the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) in collaboration with senior officials of Suriname Customs and Excise Department implemented various initiatives to curtail smuggling activities.  This is in response to reports of persons submitting forged documents at the Guyana/Suriname border in a bid to defraud the tax system.

Currently, the Customs officials from both countries exchange information daily. Consequently, more boat owners are now reporting to Line Path, Corriverton and paying the relevant duties and taxes. The tax agency noted that these initiatives have resulted in significant revenue collection, since during May there has been a reduction in revenue collection at Corriverton.   Continue reading

NEW AMSTERDAM TOWN HALL – Tower Dismantled..

From the Diaspora…


JUNE 17, 2012 | BY  |By Ralph Seeram

I am sure you are wondering what these three have in common. I did not know if they had anything in common until this week when I saw that iconic picture in Kaieteur News this week.
My heart sank and a feeling of sadness overwhelmed me when I saw that photograph. Many thoughts kept running through my mind, some going back to my boyhood days. Why is this happening? Why is this structure being dismantled instead of being preserved?

As I continued to read the article my sadness turned to anger and resentment. I was now mad and still mad at the PPP Government for allowing the New Amsterdam Town Hall tower to deteriorate to the point that it had to be dismantled.           Continue reading

Historic New Amsterdam – Guyana

History of New Amsterdam

Historic New Amsterdam Map

The town of New Amsterdam  was developed as a settlement  beside Fort Nassau some 55 miles up the Berbice River.  Around 1784,  as a result of the fluctuating fortunes of Fort Nassau, the Dutch relocated  the town to its present site at the confluence of the Berbice and Canje Rivers.

The name New Amsterdam was chosen because most of the colonists originated  from the province of Amsterdam in Holland. Between 1785 – 1790,  New Amsterdam was established as the seat of Government for Berbice. at that time the town was little more than a forest settlement, with a house there and a house there, no roads, no drains.  [more]

Sites in New Amsterdam <click link     Continue reading

Putin’s Visit and Israeli-Russian Relations

Putin’s Visit and Israeli-Russian Relations

By George Friedman | June 26, 2012

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Israel on June 25 for his first state visit since retaking the presidency. The visit was arranged in mid-May, and so at least part of the agenda was set, given events in Syria and Egypt. The interesting thing about Israel and Russia is that while they seem to be operating in the same areas of interest and their agendas seem disconnected, their interests are not always opposed. It is easy to identify places they both care about but more difficult to identify ways in which they connect. It is therefore difficult to identify the significance of the visit beyond that it happened.

An example is Azerbaijan. Russia is still a major weapons provider for Azerbaijan, but the Israelis are now selling it large amounts of weapons and appear to be using it as a base from which to observe and, according to rumors, possibly attack Iran. Russia, which supports Armenia, a country Azerbaijan fought a war with in the late 1980s and early 1990s and is technically still is at war with, ought to oppose Israel’s action, particularly since it threatens Iran, which Russia does not want attacked. At the same time, Russia doesn’t feel threatened by Israeli involvement in , and Israel doesn’t really care about Armenia. Both are there, both are involved and both think Azerbaijan is important, yet each operates in ways that ought to conflict but don’t. Read More »

Guyana Help The Kids – Reducing Infant Mortality in Guyana

Guyana Help The Kids – Reducing Infant Mortality in Guyana

Visit our website for additional information and to learn how you can assist at:-

Dr Narendra C. Singh. President, Guyana Help The Kids
BSc, MB.BS, FRCPC,FAAP,FCCM.  Chief of Pediatrics.  Humber River Regional Hospital
Associate Clinical Professor. McMaster University.

Support the Dinner/Dance – Help the Kids Flyer – Dinner Dance – September 15, 2012

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