Who makes the big profits from illegal drugs? – commentary

How the US Government, Banks, Prison-Industrial Complex, Corrupt Officials, Businesses, Law Enforcement, Racists and the CIA Profit From Illegal Drugs

Mark Karlin, Truthout:

This is the eighth article in the Truthout on the Mexican Border series looking at US immigration and Mexican border policies through a social justice lens. Mark Karlin, editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout, visited the border region recently to file these reports. You can find links to the previous coverage at the end of this article. 

“Minus the gruesome violence in their host countries, drug cartels are just illegal businessmen, so the business class in the US can relate to them, as can the CIA. They are aggressive, ruthless and greedy, not unlike some of their bankers on Wall Street.

The cost of a to achieve geopolitical objectives then is immense in the loss of life, the breakdown of civil society in the nations affected in Latin America, and in the moral grounding, racial injustice and credibility of our governmental and business institutions.”

Read the Article How the US Government, Banks, Prison-Industrial Complex, Corrupt Officials, Businesses, Law Enforcement, Racists and the CIA Profit From Illegal Drugs

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  • de castro  On 06/25/2012 at 8:47 am

    simple solution
    legalise “soft drugs” and TAX its exit…extinction !
    Borders are a neccessary “evil” but make it more
    “open” …less bureaucratic !
    EUROPE 27 countries have no borders !
    learn by sending some of your “DEA” as observers.

  • Cyril Balkaran  On 06/25/2012 at 12:18 pm

    The International Drug Trade is driven by Greed and more Greed. There is enough in the world to satisfy everyone’s needs but never enough to satisfy man’s GREED. The governments are in a Quandry to find and apply solutions to this global menace as their Security Systems are pawns in the Drug game . The “BIG BUSINESSES” all over the world is tainted by this Criminal Industry and many institutions are only “FRONTS” and “COVERS” for the MAFIA RINGS
    everywhere. Maybe small steps as my friend, Kamptan suggested as Taxes and borderless states will work and must be tried OR else build the jails and put the drug mules,the drug lords,the drug mafias and the drug Barons inside the jails till they cease their nefarious activities. Wishful thinking must be a part of this game also as the governing authorities everywhere KNOW who these Respectable Persons are but can and will do nothing to have them arrested! And so this game in the Narco Trafficking Business Continues unabated.One Prime Minister in the Caribbean admitted his helplessness to deal with this problem when he said that his information is that the Drug Barons pay his country’s security men 5 times the amount of their regular salary to facilitate the Drug trade. What a Disclosure! Later down the line a COUP took place and the country was ungovernable for a week. These are the Alternatives to putting things in place to fight this kind of business! We are still living in civil Society today by whose grace? certainly not by the 186 governments that make up the UN group!

  • Rosaliene Bacchus  On 06/25/2012 at 5:13 pm

    Can our civilization survive as the power of the sociopaths among us invade, control, and topple sovereign nations across the planet? The greatest enemy to our survival as a species is the demon within ourselves.

  • de castro compton  On 06/26/2012 at 9:47 am

    sorry rosaliene
    you will have to “elaborate” “deamon within oursevles!”….
    The last time I checked the “deamon” in me did “nothing” !
    No one is possessed….everyone wants possession…ownership….legalised
    greed! The only way to discourage greed is to “TAX” it !
    HITLER had the right idea but went about it the wrong way !
    BURNHAM also had the right idea but went about it the wrong way…

    hindsight teaches fools ! Both clever men who lived before their time….
    Listen to your heart and mind and decide with both !
    Listen to your “advisers” and you become “history”

    sorry about the preaching but still need your “elaboration” on the “deamon” in me !

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