You are an OLD GUYANESE if: By Ron Persaud

You know that you are an OLD GUYANESE if:

By Ron Persaud

  •  You recall drinking sweet broom tea out of a tinnin‘ cup.
  • And if drank a lot of it you may have used the ‘tensil  later that night.
  • You bought stuff with basin-money.
  • You have been called a rangatang when you were a kid.
  • You recognize pooch panch when you see it.
  • You know that khngh is a Guyanese unit of length that cannot be defined.
  • You know that king sailor  was not a nautical term.
  • You voted on the 27th. April, 1953.       
  • You can rhyme the line “Praise God is not me….
  • You have a conscious memory of the Lady Boats.
  • You know what initials preceded Queriman, the (Demerara river) ferry.
  • You traveled on the Oranje  &   R H Carr. (Not at the same time).
  • You stood on the center span of the Canje bridge as it opened to let ships pass.
  • You watched planes take off from the Ramp at Ruimveldt.
  • You know the connection between B.G. and the body in the bag crime.
  • You know what connected  Art Williams,  A P Clavier  and Alex Phillips.
  • You know the difference between lienin‘ and lienin’-house.
  • You know about  bad eye and how to  oynchay  it away;
  • Or how to keep it out of the kitchen garden.
  • You bought stuff at a Poh-man shop.

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  • DMITRI ALLICOCK  On 06/23/2012 at 9:08 pm

    Awesome Ron, reading it was a lot of fun!
    Here is some more attributes which are uniquely Guyanese and shows really how much we really have in common with each other.
    Bless you,

    • If you grew up thinking filaria only happened to fat ladies in the market.
    • If you understand that an offer to “go an’ knock/lash a chinee ” might not be as much fun if you don’t find at least one roach in your rice.
    • If you know that”bakin’ pon”‘ and “gettin a no ball” has nothing to do with an oven and cricket respectively.
    • If you figured out that catching crabs was easy if you could avoid the “tengle- leh”.
    • If you endured “Mass” Games and learned nothing about God.
    • If you have ever been’ vatored’ or’ vice’, had a’buss-head’ or a’boongie’.
    • If, having seen Pancho on TV, you have decided that GT was better off without it.
    • If you knew that Colonel Ferdinand was never in the GDF………just GBC.
    • If you know that neither “eye pass” nor “fat eye” relate to optometry.
    • If your BeeTee winks when you hear that the Bongo Squad had you shortlisted for an imminent interview……and you can still read this list.
    • If you call anyone who studies harder than you a ‘Book Worm’.,
    • If you (personally) know at least one ‘catchar’ who has ‘cut up yuh runnings’.
    • If you have “put two bob pon yuh ticket’.
    • If you grew up knowing that ‘Luckhoo’s’ was a pool and ‘Merriman’s’ was not.
    • If ‘having no dunzai’ was a temporary drawback because either
    (a) ‘Yuh always know a banna at de gate’; or
    (b) ‘Yuh could always mole up at de freeco round de corner’. or
    (c)Yuh know yuh cud jump de fence…or ‘scale de palin’. NB Even if yuh had dunzai…yuh still used to try fuh jump de fence as you believe that not payin is a God given right.
    • If very early on in your dating life you relalized that he who walks….walks alone.
    If you know that ‘Number 63’ is a beach.
    • If you know dat ‘Lot 12’ is not a place to visit or be living.
    • If you considered the very concept of growing old in Uncle Eddie’s or ‘The Palms’or ‘The Dharam Sala’ to be an oxymoron.
    • If you know that ‘Rice- Eater’ is a species of dog.

    • You know bout cent a ‘juk’, penny a ‘feel’ and three cents fuh go round the’hairy wheel’
    • You know wha is a ‘Ace A Bushy’
    • You know when somebody ask yuh if yuh playin ‘pocket pool’ wha de tellin yuh
    • You can sing ‘Miss Mary eat meh Dirty, Miss Mary drink meh ‘Pee’…
    • You know ’bout ‘Abna babna lady snee……Ocean potion sugar and tea’…

    o When eating out you indicate your choice by saying “Ah using…..or Ah doan use….”.
    o You always expect one or all of the following for dessert:

     Sugar Cake
     Pone.
     Floutiee
     Custard Black
     Conkey
    o When goin to the toilet you say “ah goin fuh….
     Kunksie”
     Dirty”
     Do a mud”

    o During a conversation someone mentions the word “backoo” and you know what it means. Further you know that they are kept in “brown bottle” and live on bananas and milk.
    o You find it impossible to explain to colleagues exactly what a labba is…but you know that you can curry it.
    o You always laugh or suck yuh teeth whenever strangers,(island people in particular) show you “a river”.
    o In your view humming birds “stickle” not hover.
    o You always stir your rum on the rocks with your finger.
    o You know what a “TAW” is.
    o You know what “COMMONESS” is.
    o You know what “COCOBEY” is.
    o You know what it means to be a “LAMITER” or to be “PAGALEE”.
    o You always first try to “POPE” the event before paying the admission.
    o You know what it means to give a “LAST LICK”.

    You know how much is “Jonah Crown”, and only “big eye” people tek dat much.
    o You know when is “Dig Dutty Day”.
    o You can play “naable” with a “taw” (iron taw is de best, because you can bus de Awara and Curu seed taw when you “beefing” after getting you taw in de “gulley”).
    o You play wid fire you gon pee you bed.
    o You know dat an “English Duck” is not an animal.
    o You know how fo play “Taga”.
    o You know that a “dam bed” is not furniture in de house.
    o You know bout Half A Head Man, Dutch Man Pan Eh Horse, Fire Rass, Ole Higue, And Jingle Lady.
    o You call a quarter a Bobb.
    o You go into a store and ask de shop keeper if they sell aggie, and he look at you as if ya mad.
    o You went and jump ya neighbour new brand pale round fence at night to thief they BIG ripe succulent red MANGO, and while ya coming down de tree ya meet up face to face with ya neighbour dog, whom ya swear was never there until that night, and all hell break loose and u still get away with aleast one of them mangoes.
    o You went to de cane field one hundred times in ya life, but ya didn’t peel the cane with de cutlass, yuh use yuh teeth….
    o Ya is a girl ya play dolly house baking mud pies in coconut shells and ya dolly is de pointa broom.
    o You know that “molee biscuit” and “vhum-vhum cheese” don’t refer to a delicacy.
    o You know that to “fly uncle charlie kite” has nothing to do with Easter.
    o You know exactly what “caanta” means.
    o Either you know how to “mek it” or you know somebody who does “mek a good kankee”.
    o You realize that yuh could never depend on the six o’clock bee to sound off on time.
    o At some time in yuh life yuh played “weigh saltfish, weigh poke”.
    o On at least one occasion, at Christmas, yuh end up with a cork gun instead of a caps gun.
    o Yuh know that “no big ting” was a radio program.
    o Yuh expect every corporation in the US to have a name starting with Ameri… since it seemed that everything in Guyana started with Guy.
    o Yuh know that yuh had to “fight down” dem bannas at the market to get a good price for the goods yuh buy.
    o You can relate to Buck Bead, Razor Grass, Congo Pump and Black Sage.
    o You use to say as a kid: “Do you want mango?”, and someone will answer: “yeah”, and you will say: “Dance tango”.
    o Also, you might ask “Do you want jammoon?”; someone will answer: “Yeah”, and you will say: “touch the moon”.
    o You wha a “pookney”.
    o When you pickney get “bad eye” you ga fo tek em to de pandit or magee fo jaarah am.
    o You know that dhal puri is a type of puri and not a roti.
    o You know that “Married man poke” is not flesh from pigs.
    o You know that a “Malali” can be used to buy things.
    o You know what a “ole higue” sucks.
    (If you know what a ole higue sucks, but don’ know what to do wit’ de pointa broom and de rice – you are a Guyanese born in North America. Come back home and learn some thing nah.)
    o You know how to stickle on you bicycle.
    o You know NOT to “cut you eye” on de’ neighba.
    o You are a pretty Guyanese girl if you was able to cut you eye and suck you teeth on de boys and get away with it.
    o Ya lying Uncle Lionel (dat like he rum) seh he see a Moongazer and ya Grandmuda, who ya Mudda said “shudda a know better”, back he up.
    o You know that Putagee does get “big foot”.
    o You fada/mudda is a Guyanese who en tell you nothing about Guyana, if you eat the leaf at a Indian wedding an you comment about the “tough lettuce”.
    o You know what “flim show” is.
    o You use to go to “flim show” at de “theater house”.
    o You was a “rangatan” if you go to “flim show” in the pits and had to search for bedbugs with a lighted match stick at the same time baring the kanks on you head.
    o if you had a bug house. Worse yet, if you wore one to school.
    o if you use the word (prounounced “nah”) at the end of most sentences. “Come nah” “She look nice, nah” “A wah you do deh nah” “How you do, nah”
    o if you know that COMMONNESS was a lot of FUN.
    o if you know that commonness was a lot of fun, somebody else was getting.
    o You had a lot of fun if you use to go regularly “fuh cane”.
    o if you tell all foreigners that eating labba and drinking creek water will ensure that they will return to Guyana BUT you DON’T DO IT because creek water gives you the runnings.
    o You know what a numb fish is.
    o You know that some fun times could be had by those so inclined at Cambridge.
    o if you do not recognise the culture and contribution of all our races to our common heritage and culture.
    o you do not recognise how much all of us have in common with each other irrespective of our different races, creeds, values.
    o Yuh know how fuh “shark” in a party then ” cop a beenie” and get some good “fine wine”
    o Yuh know what happens when a woman “stereo playing low”.
    o Yuh know what happens when a man “off side”.
    o Yuh know what happens when a man got a “goad-dee”.
    o Yuh know what is a ” frenchie”.
    o Yuh know what is a “top stick”.
    o You know what is “sugar cake”…. “rice cake”… “chi-nee cake”…. “black cake”… “Patta cake”
    o Yuh know what is a “ganda egg”.
    o Yuh know what is a “bull cow”.
    o Yuh know what happens when a “bull jump a cow”
    o Yuh know what happens when a fowl cock “thread” a hen.
    o Yuh know what is a “dogjook”

  • Hubert Hintzen  On 06/24/2012 at 1:28 am

    Hi Dmitri, boy, you went down with the last set. You left out an important one early, when ya tell teacher ‘me gat fa numba one’. For your info I wore my bughouse proudly with my purple stripe ‘E’ House emblem on the side. It was a status symbol at the time. Ya draw chalk line cross the street to stop ‘ole higue’ and then run like hell. You nevah went in pit without ‘Channa’ If you ever bought Balcony ticket you were never alone and expected to be paid in————–‘,

  • Hubert Hintzen  On 06/24/2012 at 1:33 am

    I just thought of this one. One usually went to ‘Durban Park’ usually for two different reasons, since you had to have a bike to get as far as Thomas Lands for one of them.

  • DMITRI ALLICOCK  On 06/24/2012 at 1:51 am

    Hi Hubert,
    You most definitely passed the test and qualify as a full blooded Guyanese. You have me smiling.

  • Community Collaborator  On 06/24/2012 at 5:30 pm

    I aim old but ah kno dem ting cauz ah gro wid ole people…LOL

  • de castro  On 06/25/2012 at 9:17 am

    one more
    “PIT” was weh dem bug a bite big time !
    enjoyed everyone of those “unique” guyanese sayings…
    memories memories “nostalgic indeed”

  • DMITRI ALLICOCK  On 06/28/2012 at 12:43 pm

    Jerry Nazim Hilairous guys, it would be a good idea to document this stuff before it become something of the past….enjoyed it.
    June 24 at 12:22am • LikeUnlike

    Donna Stoll Ok, I just thought of this one: Amerindians wouldnt be familiar, since we dont buy settee. but here goes.
    21 hours ago • LikeUnlike

    Donna Stoll You know you are old Guyanese, if the settee you bought stil has the plastic on it… (and perhaps covered with a bedsheet!) ka
    21 hours ago • LikeUnlike

    Adam Azaire You refer to a friend as ‘BANNA’….
    21 hours ago • LikeUnlike • 1

    Macushi Alaykuna Thought ‘Banna’ refers generally to any male – because they would say – dah banna/look at dah banna/da iss de banna etc
    17 hours ago • LikeUnlike

    Macushi Alaykuna Gy similies – he look at me like when cow bust rope hehehe
    17 hours ago • LikeUnlike • 1

    Donna Stoll When the boat krenky bad but you could balance it
    15 hours ago via mobile • LikeUnlike

    Donna Stoll When you have shoes but you hide them in the bush because no one else has shoes and u shame
    15 hours ago via mobile • LikeUnlike

    Donna Stoll You have scars on your nose from bat bites
    15 hours ago via mobile • LikeUnlike

    Donna Stoll When your lunch box is your grandmother s headdress
    15 hours ago via mobile • LikeUnlike

    Adam Azaire Hi D, U crack me up with the one about shoes… true….
    15 hours ago • LikeUnlike

    Deanna Binning-Peterson You know you are Guyanese when you call any nail polish “Cutex” :)P
    9 hours ago • LikeUnlike

    Deanna Binning-Peterson Or Aspirin “Phensic”:)P
    9 hours ago • LikeUnlike

    Dmitri Allicock Or when you wear only “coconut oil shoes” { Donna }
    Or when you love to sniff your sister’s Cutex { Deanna}

    On 6/27/12, Deanna Binning-Peterson
    about an hour ago via • LikeUnlike

  • Ron. Persaud  On 02/02/2014 at 2:28 am

    I stumbled across this site and I am looking at the similarities between the proverbs of Belize and Guyana.

  • Ron. Persaud  On 02/16/2015 at 4:09 am

    The Belizean site has a link to “old wives’ tales”.
    Comparing the proverbs and tales of Belize and Guyana, I want to believe that they are mostly of African origination.
    I say this because a major component of the population of both countries is of African origin.
    Yes? No? Maybe?

  • walter nehaul  On 02/16/2015 at 11:51 am

    Old Guyanese,If you believe that Guyana was and will one day,again,be,the best country in the world.

  • dhanpaul narine  On 02/16/2015 at 1:20 pm

    And we does go to the back dam to get Hara to make the pillow.
    And then we does go to the rice mill to get pora to mek mattress and also bahima grass.
    And when it rained a lot we had to get the mosquito nettin
    And in the morning we looked for daisy to mek the tea or tangerine leaf.
    And when grandma wash the clothes we had to put ‘blue’ in the water
    And when we hungry we had to find some jerts
    And if someone acting funny then somebody put the bacoo pon he
    And in the evenings we does play Sal Pass
    And if you acting sly you a mamagiye!
    And if you walking funny you might have knack knee
    and if you have bird in a cage it might be a brown cock.

  • walter E agard  On 02/27/2021 at 3:32 am

    im searching for my grandma’s Daisy brother name Ganga Persaud anyone know him call me im walter Agard my # is 804 829 5514 call collect if u can

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