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Local Dish by the Mighty El-Cid – calypso video

Local Dish by the Mighty El-Cid

One Of the best “old-time Calypsos” from one of the greatest Calypsonians: The Mighty EL-CID. Here he advocates the eating of local Guyanese dishes.

Original Folk Songs of Guyana – four videos

Original Folk Songs of Guyana

Here are FOUR videos featuring some of the folk songs from Guyana.  The third video features the Presidents of Guyana since Independence in 1966.

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Real Old Guyana Calypso – Bill Rogers

This entry was made on August 19, 2010. Many of you may not have seen it so I have re-blogged it again.. Enjoy!!

Guyanese Online

Real Old Guyana Calypso – Bill Rogers

Here are three really vintage Guyanese calypso recordings by Bill Rogers,(Real name Augustus Hinds), a Guyanese singer from the 1930’s and 1940’s. This type of music was called “Shanto”. Have a listen and a laugh at the lyrics as they scrool down as the music is played.   Enjoy!!


B.G.(which stood for British Guiana in Bill Rogers’ time )was probably his most popular song. It was re-made by other artistes and was also used in commercial jingles.


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Why is India Still Poor? – commentary

Why is India Still Poor?

By Aseem Shrivastava and Ashish Kothari – for 

In March 2012, the Indian Planning Commission stated that 29 percent of India’s population was poor. These were people who had less than Rs.22.42 (US $0.41) a day if they were living in villages, or Rs. 28.35 (US $0.52) if in a city. The Commission’s happy conclusion was that poverty had fallen from 37 percent since its last measurement in 2004-05.

It is difficult to decide which is the more remarkable figure here. The fact that more than six decades after India gained independence, and after two decades of some of the highest economic growth rates in the world, almost a third of the country was still poor—or the fact that India’s highest planning body actually considers anyone earning more than $0.52 a day as not fitting into their definition of poor. Activists pointedly asked the government economists if any of them could live on that amount in New Delhi; the response, of course, was a resounding silence.

If even slightly more realistic figures are used, the grim reality of poverty in India is revealed. Taking the World Bank criterion of $1.25 (PPP) a day, for instance, there were 456 million “poor” Indians (42 percent of population) in 2005. Estimates that take nutritional and caloric needs into account bump the number in poverty up to 60 – 80 percent.    [more]

Trafficking in Persons – by US Ambassador to Guyana, Brendt Hardt

Trafficking in Persons – by US Ambassador to Guyana, Brendt Hardt

Guest Colun – Demerara Waves – June 19, 2012

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton released the 2012 United States Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report June 19 reviewing the efforts of 186 countries to combat the scourge of modern day slavery.  This year’s report, entitled “the Promise of Freedom,” calls on every government, including the United States, to commit itself to fulfilling the promise of freedom from slavery.

Some may ask why the United States prepares such a report on other countries. Our goal is not to criticize others, but to call attention to a global threat to vulnerable groups of people in order to stimulate global action to protect victims, prevent future abuses, and investigate and prosecute perpetrators of this modern-day slavery.           Continue reading

Guyana: GPHC Drugs purchase scandal continues…

Drugs purchase scandal continues…Govt. pays $8,000 for $600 injection

JUNE 19, 2012 | BY    – also buys $1,600 aspirin for $2,700

One day after government came out in defence of reports that it purchased an $80 anti-fungal cream for $1,909 per tube, there are now more shocking details of how one contraceptive was bought at an exorbitant $8,000 for one vial.
The injection, Depo Provera, is retailed and available on prescription in the local hospitals for as low as $1,100.  One major importer has told this newspaper that he has been supplying the said item to the government for $600 per vial.

Yet, the drug was sold at a whopping $8,000 for one vial by the New Guyana Pharmaceutical Corporation (New GPC) to government for distribution to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). This is 13 times higher than what it was being purchased for.    [more]

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