Visit America: it’s easier than you think – video

Visit America: it’s easier than you think.

The United States is improving its visa application process so more people can visit America. 00:01:55 . Added on 01/06/2012,

The U.S. State Department has come up with a way to combat the impression among foreigners that it’s a pain in the ass to visit the United States.

See, the government knows that all the post-Sept. 11 rules have put a hurt on the tourist trade. The United States attracted 17% of the world’s tourists in 2000; now it’s only 12.4%.   

So what is State doing about it? Well, it’s not actually making the visa process any easier. It’s not pulling back on the requirement that visitors from many countries be “interviewed” before coming here. Nor is it opening more visa offices to make those interviews more accessible.

No, it’s putting out propaganda videos telling people that visiting the United States is “easier than you think.”

Judging by most of the comments at YouTube, it’s backfiring: “Yes,” says one, “make an appointment at the one U.S. consulate in your country, pay the fees, travel all that way to the capital city of your country, then get a denial of your visa application.

“Even wives and children of U.S. citizens are routinely denied visas or U.S. passports because they failed to convince the bureaucrat in the consulate that they followed the exact procedure.”

He might have added they’re taxed on their income, no matter where they earned it.

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  • de castro compton  On 06/18/2012 at 10:41 am

    Interesting indeed !
    It is absolute “stupidity” to expect people to “pay” to visit your country !
    I do support the “vetting” procedure as “neccessary” but opose the idea of a “fee”….I travel all over 27 countries in EUROLAND and do not require a VISA
    even better I do not require “foreign” money ! EUROS are accepted everywhere…AMERICA must “learn” from the Euroland experience….

    I hold a BRITISH EUROPEAN passport (flag of convenience) among others but I am no pirate !
    On my return to UK after my travels I show my passport to a “machine” that reads my eyes and lets me pass freely….saving me queueing … its is my new passport as old expires after 10 years…
    hopefully this “electronic” screening will eventually reach all 27 members of the EURO club….
    fingerprints is the other means of identity and can be used in conjunction with
    IRIS of eye…as the technology is available….My friends in USA are facinated
    at this advancement in technology…

    your last para rings bells….
    YES its a case of where one is domiciled in EUROLAND but USA it is regardless of where you are domiciled….

    there is a subtle difference between
    DOMICILE for TAX purposes
    DOMICILED permanently !
    This will all change and the “sooner the better” ….
    TAX is an issue that wins votes …
    get the balance right and stay in power…

    people are not fools !
    Multinational corporations “flout” the law …even individuals do so…
    these “loopholes” will be plugged …again sooner the better 1


  • Cyril Balkaran  On 06/18/2012 at 10:58 am

    The once Great British Empire that the UK has come to be known has abolished the Visa Requirements for many countries of the Global Commonwealth. America boasts of being the bastion of the Free and Capitalist world and would be happy at the denial of Paid up sums for Visae the world over. It hurts people who have a desire to visit the land of Honey and Milk as the US has come to be known among the 3rd world group of Nations. If they care about improving the 12.5 figure into something better before 2000, then the US State Department must study the millions of rejected applications around the world and see for yourself what harm the US Visae Dept in each Embassy has done to make this day an impossible one. Legal children of landed Immigrants are rejected on Compassionate grounds! People’s loved ones died in the USA and their relatives and children could not attend their funerals! Now that President OBAMA has legalised 800,000 more aliens and illegals, he must abolish Visae requirements as the UK has done for many Countries. Immigrants always bring to the USA their wealth and their jewellery as gold and diamonds to enrich the
    America of their dreams!

  • de castro compton  On 06/18/2012 at 11:15 am


    LONDON s population increases by 50% to nearly 22 million in summer months…that is 7 million mostly tourist…
    TOURISM is big business …look at how Barbados has approached it ! and learn from their mistakes…
    southern spain receives millions of BRITISH tourists during the summer …
    and it is usually a case of ERM (exchange rates) that influence the amount
    of visitors each year….today at 1.24 euros to pound…so is in favour of spain.
    1.55 USD is not so attractive ! …
    But now SPAIN has to compete with 26 other EURO countries if they are to advance their “trade” …a big “plus” is the sunshine …especially with UK
    having monsoons so far ! ha ha !
    Any country that expects me to visit must waiver the “stupidity” ..of a fee for the pleasure !
    my personal choice…FREEDOM to choose where I wish to travel…
    MY DREAM is for a “WORLD” WITHOUT BORDERS …that will never “change” !
    not in my lifetime anyway…hey at 68 that 32 years to my CENTURY…my favourite sport will always be CRICKET also ! ha ha!


  • Cyril Balkaran  On 06/18/2012 at 11:17 am

    Hi Kamptan, The issues speak for themselves! It is easier as you have outlines the visits to the EU member states, but try going to Australia and some other countries including the USA and Canada, and see what reception one gets in the home embassy. Some even make it harder and you apply for a Visa in your home country and the processing takes place in another country and you are called to be interviewed there also only to be refused! Technology is the answer to many ills of the Visa processing Business. As for the Corporate Citizens operating everywhere they pay taxes in advance and the Embassy staff feel obligated to grant their applications irrespective of their country of Origin. many third world citizens have a dream to visit the USA, but the problem of denial of a fundamental right to travel rests with the US State Department and their foreign Visae Departments. Free travel to the USA will come by Presidential Decree one day soon. Have a great Day. Continue the dialogue. Obama is on his way to be re-elected in November. The immigration issue is being settled,now it will be the Health issues next! Good day, brother.

  • de castro compton  On 06/20/2012 at 11:38 am

    I thank you for the “insightful” response to an “issue” THAT WONT GO AWAY…
    any stupid country that request a “fee” for my visit…are just “born loosers” !
    I can assure you than any EUROPEAN passport holder will also feel the same way….I do not “object” to the “vetting” process of visas !

    Let remain optimistic that OBAMA gets re-elected for a second term and is able to “sort” these stupid bureaucrats out !
    forever optimstic about the future.
    NHS in UK works and also in EUROLAND….its been tried and tested…many “guinea pigs” survive today…myself one..COLON cancer at 45 operated on
    and survived another 23 years….all “FREE” on the NHS in UK…I rest my case !
    kamptan survivor

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