Remembering our Fathers on Father’s Day

Remembering our Fathers on Father’s Day

Posted by  on June 17, 2012

Our fathers are rarely everything we would like them to be. Many of them focus all of their energies on their work to provide us with a safe home, a good education, and all the stuff that makes us happy. Many others turn their backs on us while we are still young, leaving us to be raised by our mothers or other relatives. Some of them, like my father, are emotionally challenged: unable to express their love for us.

My father seemed to like spending time with his friends more than he did with me and my four siblings. He and his many friends went fishing; shooting birds; and hunting deer, wild pig, and wild cow (tapir). As the “cook-man” among his friends, he prepared and cooked the wild meat killed during their weekend hunting trips. “Cook-night” was party night in our back yard.  [more]

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  • Cyril Balkaran  On 06/18/2012 at 2:37 am

    Happy Father’s Day 2012 to all fathers wherever you may be! Fatherhood like mothercraft is serious task and I encourage all fathers to spend that quality time that you give to others as your friends, to also give it to your siblings as it helps greatly in the emotional,socio-psychological development of your siblings as their very fertile minds are receptive to everything they see, hear and watch you do as they grow and develop in your very presence. Remember also a Family that prays together stays together, Today in this dark age, the churches, the temples and the Mosques that we used to attend as children are no longer filled on Sundays and the lack of Spirituality and Morality have created a worsening situation among this global family. We must contribute positively to improving the situation before all is lost. Our Children need us more than ever before. Let’s not let them down! God’s Blessings.Happy Father’s Day!

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