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Remembering our Fathers on Father’s Day

Remembering our Fathers on Father’s Day

Posted by  on June 17, 2012

Our fathers are rarely everything we would like them to be. Many of them focus all of their energies on their work to provide us with a safe home, a good education, and all the stuff that makes us happy. Many others turn their backs on us while we are still young, leaving us to be raised by our mothers or other relatives. Some of them, like my father, are emotionally challenged: unable to express their love for us.

My father seemed to like spending time with his friends more than he did with me and my four siblings. He and his many friends went fishing; shooting birds; and hunting deer, wild pig, and wild cow (tapir). As the “cook-man” among his friends, he prepared and cooked the wild meat killed during their weekend hunting trips. “Cook-night” was party night in our back yard.  [more]

Join CACCI in celebrating Caribbean Heritage Month – NYC

Join CACCI in celebrating Caribbean Heritage Month

 With a day of special events

 On Thursday, June 21,2012

 At Brooklyn Borough Hall.

 Visit http://www.brooklyn-usa.org/pdf/CaribInvite2012_FINALv4.pdf for a complete schedule.

Invited by:

The Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce
And Industry, Inc. (CACCI)

Brooklyn Navy Yard Industrial Park
63 Flushing Avenue – Unit 239
Brooklyn, NY 11205
Tel.: (718) 834-4544


Have a Happy Father’s Day – 2012

GCA – JUNE 2012 Newsletter – Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day!  from the:

Guyana Cultural Association of New York, Inc.

Download the June 2012 Newsletter  –   GCA – JUNE 2012 NEWSLETTER

Masquerade Lives! 2012 Folk Festival Theme

Masquerade Lives is the theme for the eleventh year of Guyana Cultural Association of New York, Inc. Throughout this issue you will read about the GCA events that will explore and define the focus for 2012.
In addition, this edition is a celebration of lives well lived. Therefore, as you experience through words and pictures the joys, struggles and tenacity that typify the culture of the people of Guyana throughout the , do reflect on the past, enjoy the present and move into the future.
This issue is all about life.     Enjoy!

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