Guyana: land of many corruption scandals

Guyana: land of many corruption scandals

Commentary by “realTalk” – Demerara Waves June 15, 2012

Corruption continues its relentless prance all over Guyana, trampling large and small institutions along with their workers, both senior and junior alike. It also seems as if no matter how much corruption is exposed in the media, there are no immediate signs of it being effectively brought to a halt. Corruption remains endemic in Guyana.

It surprised many when alleged corruption was recently uncovered at the National Communications Network (NCN). This national entity became the subject of much discussion following the one dollar allocation it got in the 2012 budget. Senior staff members along with their junior colleagues were out on the street protesting the budget cut that took away a potential GUY$81M. Tears flowed freely live on NCN, as workers tried hard to fool the Guyanese people into thinking that they were all going to lose their jobs, because of this budget cut.

Today it is now being discovered that there are major accounting irregularities broadcast across NCN. A probe led by the chairman of the board of directors at NCN intends to uncover more dubious financial improprieties at the network.  

What precisely will be the outcome of this inquiry? Will NCN set precedence in Guyana and successfully prosecute those found guilty of wrongdoing?

Guyana has too many incidents of corruption that have gone unpunished and continue to be either ignored or conveniently ‘forgotten’. Should Guyanese even be interested in what happens to the NCN inquiry? The National Industrial and Commercial Investment Limited (NICIL), has been glaringly exposed for its former boss’s alleged financial accounting management violations. Criminality is written all over the transactions of NICIL, but in Guyana no punishment is meted out to the perpetrators. They go on television to debate instead.

The National Park Commission (NPC) is also dealing with its own issues of alleged corruption. Perhaps Guyanese might hear from other national entities like Guyana Power and Light (GPL), Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) and Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo).

Corruption must be eradicated in Guyana if progress and development are to become tangible realities. The government must set the example for dealing with corruption. Many might find it hilarious to ask that the government leads the way in tackling corruption in its entities, especially when they are the biggest culprits. But it must be done. It is high time that some of the senior public officials found at the center of corruption scandals be prosecuted. Examples must be set. This culture of sheltering officials who engage in financial improprieties must stop immediately!

Today its NCN and NPC in the media cited with conspicuous alleged corruption. Tomorrow it will be another entity; another senior name being called in allegations of corruption. Guyanese must demand that justice be served to those at the center of corruption scandals. No person in Guyana, save for the president, is above the law in Guyana. The courts must decide how corrupt officials are dealt with; not politicians slapping them on the wrist and pretending that all is well. The challenge remains however in getting cases of corruption to the courts. Here is where the government must commit itself to dealing with corrupt individuals regardless of their status, political affiliation, party standing or relations. The government must be serious about eradicating corruption; Guyanese must not embrace the governance of corruption.   [endit]

Granger calls for corruption purge


–    cites bogus pharmaceuticals, misuse of state resources and conflicts of interest among other instances

David Granger, leader of the Parliamentary Oppositon, last night rebuked members of the House and the Prime Minister and called for an end to the annual ritual of a debate on the Integrity Commission.  [more]

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  • wycs  On 06/16/2012 at 5:23 pm

    YES. If the evidence prove that NCN and M&CC are culpable of corruption, those persons should not only be fired but put before the courts and if found guilty send to prison and further made to repay all stolen monies.

  • wycs  On 06/16/2012 at 5:31 pm

    I will go further by saying if those persons holding Ministerial positions whether in this or the last Govt., they too, if the evidence could be proved against them, should be jailed for several years. But one should not make asseertions of corruption without the necessary proof.

    • GTRealist  On 06/16/2012 at 6:51 pm

      Anybody who is objective would realize that the PPP governments , especially under Jagdeo were corrupt and that it started at the top and therefore those at the middle and bottom felt that it was OK to get their share.
      PPP supporters will not admit openly to this corruption at the top as many of them are also part of the corruption circles.
      Joey Jagan and his sister Nadira have said that the PPP Governments are corrupt and have strayed from their fathers’s philosophy of helping the downtrodden. The PPP is managed by a bunch of robbers milking the country and banking their profits outside. God help Guyana and free its peoples form these criminals.

  • Sybil  On 06/19/2012 at 5:19 pm


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