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Shell Beach of Guyana – by Dmitri Allicock

SHELL BEACH OF GUYANA – by Dmitri Allicock


 By Dmitri Allicock – for Guyanese Online

Guyana’s 285 miles Atlantic coast is not famous for beaches. The coastal plain is made up largely of alluvial mud swept out to sea by the mighty Amazon, carried north by ocean currents, and deposited on the Guyanese shores. The rich clay of great fertility, this mud overlays the white sands and clays formed from the erosion of the interior bedrock and carried seaward by the rivers of Guyana.

Several rivers flow north from the rain forests to the ocean, and one entices beach goers. The enormous Essequibo River is South America’s third largest. As it nears the Atlantic, the mouth widens to 20 miles, and hundreds of islands dot the river landscape. Silt carried on these rivers that drain into the Atlantic Basin, keeps the water off Guyana a brown churning mass of sandbars and mud. Mud flats continue up to 24 kilometers (15 miles) offshore before navigation is considered free.

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President Ramotar will not sign opposition bills into law…

President Ramotar will not sign opposition bills into law; mixed opposition reaction

Wednesday June 13, 2012 – Demerara Waves -[see comments below]

President Donald Ramotar on Wednesday June 13, vowed not to sign bills into law that are passed by the majority-controlled National Assembly, contending that the opposition is violating the separation of powers.

But the opposition APNU and AFC are viewing his stance as unfortunate.

Speaking on the state-owned and controlled National Communications Network (NCN) Wednesday, Ramotar argued that there is a separation of powers among the executive, legislature and the judiciary.

The President noted that the crafting of policies and laws are the responsibility of the executive and unless his administration is involved, he would not assent to laws approved by the one-seat majority opposition-controlled .  Continue reading

Guyana: land of many corruption scandals

Guyana: land of many corruption scandals

Commentary by “realTalk” – Demerara Waves June 15, 2012

Corruption continues its relentless prance all over Guyana, trampling large and small institutions along with their workers, both senior and junior alike. It also seems as if no matter how much corruption is exposed in the media, there are no immediate signs of it being effectively brought to a halt. Corruption remains endemic in Guyana.

It surprised many when alleged corruption was recently uncovered at the National Communications Network (NCN). This national entity became the subject of much discussion following the one dollar allocation it got in the 2012 budget. Senior staff members along with their junior colleagues were out on the street protesting the budget cut that took away a potential GUY$81M. Tears flowed freely live on NCN, as workers tried hard to fool the Guyanese people into thinking that they were all going to lose their jobs, because of this budget cut.

Today it is now being discovered that there are major accounting irregularities broadcast across NCN. A probe led by the chairman of the board of directors at NCN intends to uncover more dubious financial improprieties at the network.   Continue reading

Marijuana Decriminalization Won’t Kill Discrimination by NYPD

Marijuana Decriminalization Won’t Kill Discrimination

Friday, 15 June 2012 09:25 By Natasha Lennard, Truthout | News Analysis

New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, said something very interesting last week about Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s efforts to decriminalize the public possession of marijuana. With respect to the NYPD’s controversial stop-and-frisk practices, Bloomberg said that decriminalization would “certainly end some of the objections.”  It’s an odd turn of phrase, whether Bloomberg put much thought into it or not, to state that a measure would “end objections” as opposed to, say, fix problems.

However, in the case of the decriminalization proposal currently on the table in the New York state house, Bloomberg’s comment may have been spot on; the proposal to decriminalize the public possession of small amounts of marijuana risks ending a number of objections to the NYPD’s , without properly addressing the racist skew of the policing tactic and the damage it can wreak on the lives of those it targets (namely young black and Latino men in primarily poor neighborhoods). Continue reading

Bob Marley & Peter Tosh – Legalize It (Live 4-10-75)

Bob Marley & Peter Tosh – Legalize It (Live 4-10-75)

Bob Marley & Peter Tosh singing Legalize It together on the 4th of April 1975 with images of them and our friend marihuana      ……….  Legalize now!
Bob Marley y Peter Tosh cantando Legalize It juntos el 4 de abril de 1975 con imágenes de ellos y de nuestra amiga la marihuana ………  ¡Legalización ya!

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Jagdeo still running the Office of the President – cartoon

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