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Jagdeo worked at OP during Ramotar’s absence

Jagdeo worked at OP during Ramotar’s absence

JUNE 9, 2012 | BY  | F

Government has defended the presence of former Head of State, Bharrat Jagdeo, in the Office of the President (OP) saying that he was there to specifically help compile a special report on the recent budget cuts.
Responding to questions, Thursday, during his weekly post-Cabinet press briefings, Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger

File photo: Government has defended the presence of ex-Head of State Bharrat Jagdeo in the Office of the President. He was there to prepare a report for President Donald Ramotar (left) on the recent budget cuts.

Luncheon, asked for evidence that Jagdeo may have been involved in other engagements.
Jagdeo was at work in the OP during the absence of President Donald Ramotar who was recently on state business in New York and Barbados.  [more]

Parliament will investigate US$150M CJIA secret deal – Speaker

Parliament will investigate US$150M CJIA secret deal – House Speaker


– Chinese company official flies in for emergency meeting A senior official and team representing the embattled Chinese company involved in the massive Timehri airport expansion project flew in, yesterday for a meeting with government and at least one opposition party, amidst rising concerns. China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) and its parent company, [more]

Jagdeo backpedals on secret deal inked with ‘corrupt’ Chinese company              Continue reading

Govt pays six times retail cost for pharmaceuticals …

Govt pay New GPC six times retail cost for pharmaceuticals …

JUNE 12, 2012 | KNEWS    Probe needed into all drug supply contracts  –

APNU’s Dr George Norton The government needs to come clean; it needs to explain how it decides on drug supply contracts that have largely favoured the New Guyana Pharmaceutical Corporation (New GPC), says Dr George Norton. “The situation needs to be brought out in the open,”  Dr Norton, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Member of Parliament told Kaieteur News.

APNU is the country’s main opposition party, and Dr Norton is responsible for health issues from the opposition benches in the National Assembly.
He said that for years now, the opposition has argued that there is not a level playing field in the acquisition of drugs for the country’s hospitals.   [more]

Example of drug costs


Last year, when the government awarded a $311M contract to the New Guyana Pharmaceutical Corporation, importers found that some of the prices put forward by the entity were exorbitant; that the government was paying much more than it should for some of the pharmaceuticals being imported. They noticed for example that the cream, Ketoconazole, [  more]

Bobby Ramroop blows whistle to defend his $1.3B pact


As Health Ministry awards $$M contract to unqualified supplier New Guyana Pharmaceutical Corporation (NGPC) owned by Queen’s Atlantic Investment Inc (QAII) and headed by Dr. Ranjisinghi ‘Bobby “Ramroop has taken umbrage over the recent spate of criticisms on a $1.3B contract it received. Dr. Ramroop is insisting that his company was prequalified by the Ministry [more]

Auditor General to launch emergency NCN probe

Auditor General to launch emergency NCN probe

JUNE 13, 2012 | BY  | By Gary Eleazar

 – financial statements one year overdue

The State-owned National Communications Network (NCN), which has been rocked in recent days with allegations of financial impropriety, is more than one year overdue when it comes to the submission of its financial statements for 2010 to be audited.

This was confirmed by Auditor General (ag) Deodat Sharma, who said that in the face of the current assertions, he is currently putting together a team and sometime during this week, an emergency probe will commence.

Entities that are required to submit financial statements to be audited by the Auditor General (AG) must complete this task by April 30. NCN, however, as is the case with several other companies that fall under the ambit of NICIL, is lagging behind.

The Auditor General says that he is currently in possession of the Financial Statements from the company for 2009 and has completed the audit for 2008.

According to Sharma, there have been some discrepancies raised in the past, but nothing reflecting the magnitude of the current allegations at NCN.    [more]

NCN scandal…Monies from cricket deal with NTN 69 missing

JUNE 12, 2012 | KNEWS

The scandal at the state-owned National Communications Network (NCN) within the last few days has now expanded to include at least one other television station. There are also questions being asked how advertisers paid millions of dollars in cheques that were made out to high-ranking individuals attached to NCN to sponsor programmes. Kaieteur News i   [more]

Connecticut USA – Guyanese in mortgage payments scam

Guyanese woman on the run, father arrested in US scam that bilked immigrants

JUNE 14, 2012 | BY  |

 Connecticut, US (courant.com) – Federal tax agents on Tuesday accused a father and daughter from Wethersfield of using a far-fetched and phony debt-elimination scam to steal thousands of dollars from new U.S. immigrants living in Connecticut and elsewhere.

Because of the scam, through which Deowraj Buddhu and his daughter, Sunita, collected thousands of dollars in fees from so-called clients, several of the clients were persuaded that they no longer had to make mortgage payments and ultimately lost their homes through foreclosure.  Continue reading

Guyana: National Parks Commission irregularities

National Parks Commission sacks Accountant, Clerk, suspends Manager


Two officials of the Accounts Department of the National Parks Commission (NPC) have been dismissed amidst an investigation over missing monies and a number of other irregularities.
That state-run agency’s Manager, , has also been suspended for three days for being “delinquent” with her duties, NPC’s officials say.
Kaieteur News was told that Mohanlall Ramrattan, the Accountant, and Hemchand John, a Clerk, were both given marching orders recently.
Officials also confirmed that the police are investigating and an audit is underway.  Continue reading

Parliament to vote today on NICIL

Parliament to vote today on NICIL

JUNE 14, 2012 | BY   By Gary Eleazar
  • –          Guyana should be proud of NICIL – PPP
  • –          Taking state assets and giving it to friends and family is economic sabotage – APNU
  • –          If you  have nothing to hide show us the books – AFC

“The resources of Guyana are quite extensive and yet in reality the economic performances that we have experienced have been less than sterling… The problem of the management of the national assets is what we are seeking to deal with here,” said A Partnership for National Unity’s Carl Greenidge.
He was speaking on his motion on the use and management of state assets particularly those under the aegis of the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited.  [ more ]

NCN scandal…Goolsarran admits depositing millions

NCN scandal…Goolsarran admits depositing millions$$$ into personal bank account


Investigations into the major scandal at the state-owned National Communications Network (NCN)

Embattled NCN Programme Manager, Martin Goolsarran

have revealed shocking details of how one senior official collected millions of dollars in cheques from an advertiser and placed it into his personal bank account.
The disclosure was made by suspended Programme Manager, Martin Goolsarran, in a report earlier this week to the NCN Board of Directors, well placed sources have confirmed.
Last Friday, Goolsarran, a longstanding broadcaster, was suspended amidst revelations that monies were collected for NCN and never placed in the bank accounts of that entity.   [more]

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Cycling: Twelve Guyanese cyclists to race in Harlem Skyscraper Classic

Twelve Guyanese cyclists so far are listed to race in at least three categories on Father’s Day when Rockstar Games presents the 39th annual Harlem Skyscraper Cycling Classic at Marcus Garvey Park, Manhattan, New York City.
In the category one will be national cyclist Geron Williams, who is now training and competing in the U.S., and U.S.-based cyclists Paul Cho-wee-nam, Scot Savory,  and the three brothers Jermaine, Paul and Horace Burrowes, while in category two will be Gavin Robertson  and Lynn Murray and in the Masters  two-time Olympians Joelyn Joseph and Aubrey Gordon as well as Cecil Bernard and Johan Burrowes.
The event on Sunday is billed by the organizers as a community cycling festival which will feature an unparalleled display of speed, power and skill on the streets of Harlem, showcasing professional, amateur and child cyclists, besides great food and music.  Continue reading

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