FORWARD – Barack Obama on his achievements since 2008

FORWARD – A Barack Obama video on the challenges America faced

Published on Apr 30, 2012 by BarackObamadotcom

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The video outlines the challenges America faced as President Obama took office at the height of the worst recession in almost a century and details the progress that has been made reclaiming the security of the middle class and building an economy that’s meant to last, where hard work pays and responsibility is rewarded.

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  • wycs  On 06/11/2012 at 1:31 am

    Barak Obama MUST win this second term in office. If any one make the mistake and put the Republican in, believe me. the American people will suffer. It was Bush, the previous President, who brought the USA to its knees by creating the war in Iraq where trillion of US dollars were wasted. The Republican is ONLY for the rich. If America wants to be back as the most powerful country in the world, then the Democrats will have to be back in power. Come people use your votes correctly and return President Obama to power. He had inherited the mess that was left by Bush and he has done quite alot to return America to the most powerful country in the world although not quite. President Obama needs the next term to right all the wrongs done by the Republican Party. Please heed the call for President Obama.

    Wycliffe Thomas.

    • de castro compton  On 06/18/2012 at 10:21 am

      I share your sentiments ….even endorse them..OBAMA will have his second chance ! …unlike UK politricks its only a 4 year term and he will need at least another to “turn” the corner….after that would be speculation on who succeeds him ….but I am convinced that the AMERICAN people will not change PARTY
      to the “republicans” ! my spin entirely!

      HILARY “first female contender” certainly not PALIN is “lady in waiting” but i would much prefer “michelle” …she is “real” ! Hilary has done her PR around the globe and should cope with the NEW POWER !
      Lets all remain optimistic for the “future”

      If however you disagree with my “suggestions” I welcome “disagreement” more than “agreemnent” but with “evidence” to support it !

      I thank you for the above and cyril for his “idea” !


  • de castro compton  On 06/12/2012 at 11:02 am

    I do support your call for the re-election of OBAMA and am confident that he will have a second term….as unlike UK its a 4 year term……
    If after 2 terms voters do change it will only be “cosmetic”….return of the democrats ….. my vision for a country whose people are more informed today
    than yesterday….VIV la internet !
    Before people were almost “insular” as USA was and still is a very large country.
    Demographics teaches us CHINA INDIA and even BRAZIL are not as large but certainly more populated…..people are consumers which makes marketing any
    product in these countries “commercially” economicly viable !

    tommorrow next week.
    FIRST world will become THIRD world
    and visa versa….it is happening already.

    I will end hoping that the american people vote OBAMA in for a second term.

  • Cyril Balkaran  On 06/12/2012 at 1:13 pm

    Over the last decade or so, those who follow the American Presidential campaign will recall, some critical issues that are always surfacing as being critical to the electoral outcomes. The President and his war games in the hot spots of the world will be weighed by the American both Republicans and Democrats.
    The always big Immigration issues and the Illegals in the country utilizing jobs that the locals need. The everlasting debates over the National Health Insurance Issues,Who qualifies for free health care and who does not. The dis
    enfranchement of the majority of the poorer classes of the population. Gay and other civil human rights issues and you name it. Everybody debates everything and whip up to a point of frenzy the voters that today enough sectarian interests can be pulled on board the electoral machines that victory can and will be assured for President Obama come November 2012! I am rather optimistic like my good friend Kamptan!

    • de castro compton  On 06/13/2012 at 10:36 am

      cyril my brother
      thanks for your “agreement” but would much prefer your “disagreement”
      as I listen and learn more that way !

      OBAMA….will be wise to fight his relection with focus on the “MIDDLE AMERICA” …..although the majority in USA are “POOR”….
      There is only one direction the poor wish for !
      Thats upward !
      The middle are quite “happy” where they are as they view the world about
      them…..AMERICAN middle classes dont all want to be “RICH” anymore…
      They despise the “rich” for their “greed”! That AMERICAN dream of riches
      is on the decline….most rational thinking peoples of the planet wish to improve their lifestyles not their “wealth” ! I think they feel safer with OBAMA now that
      the “fanatics” leaders are being “removed” by drones and smart weapons.
      AMERICA has revenged 9/11 now …and must move forward…

      entirely my “spin”
      may god and satan bless AMERICA

      kamptan “alien on the planet”

  • Cyril Balkaran  On 06/18/2012 at 3:48 am

    Kamptan. posterity will hold us accountable for not lifting a finger to bring amelioration to the lot of the poorer folks around the Globe. The poverty reduction is high on the continental agenda. The other day the Europeans had invited the famous Nelson Mandela of South Africa to the UK to celebrate the obliteration of poverty in the European continent. This was considered a photo opportunity and an event to gloat over the gains of Capitalism! When will we celebrate this milestone may be or may be not in our life time, pal! The world has some seven billion souls of which 3 billion reside in Asia! Half of the world ‘s population sleep on a hungry belly. The other half fill their stomachs that they cannot sleep when the night comes! Obesity is the order of the day in the affluent nations and millions die of the complications of Diabetes and Hypertension and their sequelae. Greed is not without attendant evils. Hypertensive heart diseases include coronary artery diseases. Ischaemic heart diseases,Hypercholestraemia,Myocardial Infarctions,
    These diseases are treatable with today’s medical and surgical interventions!
    How many in the poverty column can afford this kind of high cost management, Semi starvation may be an option to better health!

    • de castro compton  On 06/18/2012 at 10:05 am

      cyril my brother
      an excellent synopsis !

      I can accept “poverty” but will never “accept” starvation……
      I will point my finger to our world leaders for their “ineptitude” in
      not doing more to combat starvation….
      WARS on starvation is a neccessity
      WARS of past must remain “history” !….

      If I am anywhere on the planet and a beggar asks me for food I
      invite them to the nearest supermarket or food venue and sit with them
      and share my meal….
      When I dine I often feel like “regurgitating” if I think of the “starving” on the planet !
      fortunately southern spain grows most of the “cash crops” for euroland in plastic greenhouses” so there is no excuse to go hungry here….also there is the welfare state ! However there are many illegal immigrants (aliens USA calls them) who do not qualify for “social hand outs” ….
      efforts are being made to grant them “amnesty”..but it is sometimes used to promote political hiden agendas !…nationally it is opposed but locally it is welcomed….
      OBAMA has now decided to grant “latinos” amnesty to remain in USA
      its a step forward and in the right direction…but at the same time the message must be “firm” …it is an amnesty ! Obviously the latinos votes are important to him….thanks for your analysis above which does highlight the AMERICAN
      “dilema”….lets all learn from the “american” experience.


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