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Green Vegetables of Guyana – by Dmitri Allicock

Green Vegetables of Guyana

by Dmitri Allicock

Greens are a tradition to all Guyanese diet. Bought daily at the markets for its freshness or picked from their kitchen garden or farm, it is regarded as very important to the health and well being of residents. Planting or farming has been a way of life of many Guyanese. Some of them may do it as a business and others as a means of providing fresh vegetables and fruits for their personal needs. It is important to note that while farming was done, they may be involved in other jobs to support their families.

I would say that planting is in the blood of my family. There is always the memory of the family tradition preserved in a pot of thyme or other seasoning growing in -doors of American or Canadian family member’s homes. In the warm months, their yard is adorned with flowers and fruits trees. Some of them even have the odd kitchen garden full of vegetables and seasonings.

Download details and pictures: GREEN VEGETABLES OF GUYANA

GUYANA – Plantain and Breadfruit dishes

By   – for Guyanese Online


Plantain is a major staple in Guyana. Both plantain and bananas are often confused with each other for the unwitting  visitor. They both belong to the Musa family and their similarities ends there. Easy to grow and requires minimal tending , make it is plentiful. Plantain are always ready to cook no matter what stage of ripeness. Yellow, green or black plantains are used in many dishes, as appetizers, part of the main course or dessert.It can be eaten at any time of the day and is a major carbohydrate source for Guyanese.


Captain James Cook is credited with the coming of breadfruit to the Carribean in 1769. Breadfruit is a flowering tree in the mulberry family and is native to the Philippines and through out the islands of South East Asia. It is also native to most of the Pacific islands.
Breadfruit is a nutritious and starchy melon and was looked upon as an excellent food for the African slaves. It was widely rejected by the slaves, but their decendants adopted it as their very own. Breadfruit, when cooked, tastes like a potato and is similar to freshly baked bread, thus its name. It is prepared in a number of ways and most Guyanese are very familiar with its use as a food. It is one of the cheapest source of carbohydrates available.   Continue reading

Barbados: “Taste of Guyana 2012” a great success

Barbados: “Taste of Guyana 2012” a great success

Dave Martins and Terry Gajraj at TOG-Barbados

Taste of Guyana 2012 was held on Sunday May 27, 2012.

The event was a huge success in bringing together hundreds Guyanese of all races and walks of life to celebrate Guyana’s 46th Independence Anniversary.

Presented below is a photo gallery of the event.

Click on any picture to view an enlarged version. Once a photo is enlarged, you can click on the arrows to the extreme left or right sides of the image to peruse the entire album. ENJOY!!   Continue reading

Do men pay attention to women’s age or looks?

Do men pay attention to women’s age or looks?

JUNE 3, 2012 | BY KNEWS |
By Ralph Seeram – From the Diaspora

She came into the store with a melancholy look and all teary eyed, so I inquired what’s wrong. I was thinking maybe she had a death in the family or perhaps one of her children had fallen ill. Then she replied, “Today is my birthday”.
“Your birthday”? I asked. “Then you should be celebrating, why the tears”
She replied “I am getting old” and burst into a fresh round of tears and sobbing.

I was confused for a moment. She was attractive, had a great personality and was only in her early thirties, a single mother of two, and she was a regular customer of the store I then owned. I was wondering why it bothered her so much about getting older.  Continue reading

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