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Guyanese Online Newsletter- May 2012

Guyanese Online Newsletter: May 2012

Download:    #26 – Guyanese Online Newsletter – May 2012

This monthly newsletter is published on the last day of every month, with news and events for that month.  About 70% of our readers live in the USA, Canada, and the UK, but recent 30-day Blog statistics show that our blog, with over 42,000 hits, was visited by persons in over 140 countries.  Guyanese Associations can advertise FREE in this newsletter and blog, so send in your information early for the next issue.  Companies can advertise at very low rates.  Please write to Cyril Bryan at cybryan@gmail.com.

This 26th issue has 26 pages.  Here are the major news categories: Guyana’s 46th Independence Celebrations – 2012; Guyana’s Parliament and Governance; City of Georgetown News; Agriculture, Forestry and Mining;  Business; Education ; Medical News; Guyanese Associations; Tourism; Arts and Cultural News; Caribbean and Regional News; Top 30 Blog Entries and statistics and the advertising  of events for various Guyanese Associations.

Download: #26 – Guyanese Online Newsletter – May 2012

May 2012 Newsletter – Download:  May 2012 Newsletter — List of Articles  or view below:-  Continue reading

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