President bluffing on snap elections… Nagamootoo

President bluffing on snap elections… Nagamootoo

May 6, 2012 | By KNews By Rabindra Rooplall

 Ramotar politically a “dead duck” if elections called–Nagamootoo 

“We are helping this Government to deal with its own dilemma which is its own corruption …. they don’t have the political will to fight the corruption.”  Says AFC Executive Moses Nagamootoo 

For the first time society now sees both the government and the opposition going around the country explaining the budget situation and observers are saying that it appears as if the government is inclined to call snap elections.

Observers see the moves of political parties at this time as campaigning ahead of snap elections. However, Alliance For Change (AFC) Executive Moses Nagamootoo says he is calling the bluff of the Government and is challenging them to call snap elections since society is now much more aware of what government does with taxpayer monies and the way they administer governmental functions throughout the country not as public servants but as authoritarians.

“We are trying to clean this government up, and trying to give accountability and governance a good face…With all my 50 years in politics I see no elections on the horizon; this is only a ‘pappy show’;  this is grandstanding in its very fine form.

Nagamootoo said that if Ramotar goes to snap elections he is politically a “dead duck” because of rivals in his party who would not want him to run for elections since he did not give them an absolute majority in the last elections.
“The only one to lose is the man who is claiming that he doesn’t mind calling snap elections.”

He added that President Ramotar must work for a compromise with the opposition, “but not in a cuss down mode. He cannot wear Jagdeo’s shroud. It will stifle him.”
Underscoring that President Ramotar needs to divest himself of the pretence that the PPP is the Majority, Nagamootoo said President Ramotar need to step down one step on the ladder and realize that he should accept the new reality which is working for a Modus Vivendi (an agreement between those whose opinions differ, so that they agree to disagree) with the oppositions.

The PPP acknowledges that it has a radical and revolutionary past, Nagamootoo said, and the government needs to seek out a way of politically living with people it wishes now to be destroyed.
“So they can’t come down with a mode of destruction and damnation and still say they want to talk to us, because right now when I read these things they say about us (AFC) everyday there is no way I feel I can sit down and talk to them (Government) in good faith.”

Government perceives the opposition as holding them hostage for an ulterior motive because of decisions made in Parliament, Nagamootoo said that each side views the actions of the other as unreasonable. The government sees the opposition as being vindictive and spiteful and the opposition sees the government as being careless with public funds.

“We are helping this Government to deal with its own dilemma which is its own corruption. It does not have the political will to fight the corruption.”
Nevertheless, Nagamootoo said that the government doesn’t know how to deal with its corrupt officials, since it uses a system of reward where persons are given various ambassadorial positions when they make various mistakes in their line of duty.

“They must not only be given rewards but punishment also, so we are putting those persons against the wall that we believe committed infractions and who ought to be punished and not be rewarded politically.”
He noted that there was a renewed vigour in democracy worldwide. He was hopeful that the Government would follow suit.

“The opposition is an ally in governance, and part of the governance mechanism in Guyana. The AFC is not just about being an oppositionist force; it’s about developing Guyana…I am really prepared and willing to go into elections mode. I got this thing in my genes, blood and vibes and I have the electoral rhythm in me. I am hoping that Ramotar makes the mistake.”
It was further noted that the government feels that unless it has a parliamentary majority then it would be confined; however, the opposition sees it role as being a representative of the majority who voted against the government.

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  • William Ramnarace  On May 7, 2012 at 5:34 pm

    Indictments against Nagamotoo….

    1. Which party was he in before they formed the AFC…..and why did he leave?. Why did he not stay within his party and from within argue his case to make it better?

    2. Are his actions not those of a man who will jump ship if he does not get his way?

    3. The maliciousness of this man is seen by the company he keeeps…does it not?

    4. Now is he aware that Burnham and his cronies plundered the wealth of Guyana? What action has he taken to go after those ministers and bring them to justice……….you know why…..this guy is a coward!!

    5. What has this man done? He joined an alliance with the same PNC that is responsible for bringing Guyana to its knees for the 28 years of Burnham’s rule……those who should be made accountable for squandering the country’s wealth, among other wrong doings.

    6. Nagamotoo……examine yourself and your actions… you harbour an air of guilt as a human being?…..Or, are you a kind of Judas?

    7. You want to justify the opposition actions…..but to do so …all of you in the opposition must come with clean hands don’t you agree?? The problem is…. they have not invented a detergent strong enough to get rid of the muck that infested your body and that of your buddies.

    8. You want a snap election?….You all in the opposition are trembling in your boots …..the backlash of the people….the poor Afro, Indians and other races will combine to teach you jackasses that you are not fit to call yourselves politicians in a Democratic Country.


  • wycs  On May 7, 2012 at 6:06 pm

    Well said William R. Nagamootoo is a scum bag. He and his ignorant boss Ramjattan will see if they get seats in Parliament at the upcoming snap elections. This individual is trembling in his booths. The trash he writes cannot compensate for the nonsense he wrote in his article.

  • Helen  On May 7, 2012 at 11:15 pm

    So far, the above two responses have highlighted the party that they support followed by a whole lot of mud slinging. Where is the substance. I can only imagine what is to come if this has started and the campaigning for the next election hasn’t even begun. Remember people….keep your words soft and sweet because you don’t know when you will have to eat them.

  • John Why  On May 7, 2012 at 11:43 pm

    Nagamootoo is the only real STATESMAN that Guyana has left. He is now being criticised for his very virtues. He did not betray the PPP: it has betrayed him. Unlike most of the PPP who only came out of the woodwork in 1992 when the hard work had been done, Nagamootoo stayed in Guyana with Cheddi in the 70s and 80s fighting for his party, which then an honourable one. His “crime” is that of LOYALTY. He remained in the party trying to bring it back on course, but the gang of thieves and sexual perverts were too entrenched. It was only after much soul-searching that he felt forced to leave..
    In my opinion – and I have known him personally for over forty years – NAGAMOOTOO IS THE ONLY PERSON WHO CAN NOW SAVE AND UNITE GUYANA. He will make a very STRONG but totally HONEST President..
    I know that when he was senior Minister of Information he did not pocket his expense allowance – he gave it all back!! He used hire cars and stayed in his modest home. He gave back his allowances, whilst the other ministers used theirs [and d— money?] to buy big cars & build big palaces for themselves.
    Just look what he is achieving now from the Opposition benches and just imagine what he can [and will] achieve if and when Guyana recognises Nagamootoo’s 24-carat worth and makes him President!

  • Cyril Balkaran  On May 8, 2012 at 3:03 am

    This 2012, Singh’s Budget brawl is not only about deeper cuts here and there, it is about sleeping with the political devil to achieve your own personal goals. Where in this wide world and especially in the so called third world, do you have men of integrity entering the political arena. Nagamotoo can boast of having 50 years of political experience in the Guyana of Cheddi Jagan and` he can also boast of being Mr. Clean, but he shoul`d not underestimate the power of th`e President Ramoutar to read in be`tween the lines. They all were the comrades in arms under Cheddi and if they did not learn from the wiseman who told the late John F Kennedy in the white house in 1962 on a visit to Washington that Sir No amount of $US dollars can buy me,nor the political party that I have the honour to lead nor the Government of which I am the head. You can read o copy of Arthur Sleshinger’s Jn, Kennedy one thousand days in office. and so convince yourself. Politics without morality and civility are both dangerous and thretherous. Our memories may not be too short but a combined opposition of 33 in a house of 65 cannot dislodge Ramoutar and the PPP. The population is not like sheep to be led to the slaughter. Nagamootoo can continue to do damage outside the parliament but why waste time. This president may be old but certainly not foolish to call any snap election. The country must first settledown to the realities of a negotiated Budget and must give credit to all those with the negotiation skills that have brought the Finance Minister under heavy manners. May be next time round for the 2013 Budget he will invite members of the civil society and their representatives to a pre budget orientation including the Chambers of Commerce and those who want economic progress than to make the erstwhile venomous and vicious members of the combined Opposition to sit in the Parliament and wreak havock on the Budget that they did not honestly care about.It is also good to walk about the country and educate the various constituents of what the opposition Budget for 2013 will look like. Guyana and the Guyanese people are in for happier times since the oppossition parties have now embarked on a political and educational campaign never ever heard of in the long political struggle since the Kaldor Budget delivered by Dr. Charles Jacob Jn in 1962. God Bless Guyana and the Guyanese people for their endurances!

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