Lucky Dube – Reggae singer from South Africa – 3 videos

LUCKY DUBE – No Truth to the World  {His story of why he sings Reggae}

Reggae superstar Lucky Dube and his band  deliver infectious roots rhythms to the people in this fiery live concert performances filmed in South Africa and elsewhere. Lucky Dube presents his message of liberation and social justice in uplifting and unforgettable songs such as “Truth in the World,” “House of Exile,” “War and Crime,” “Back to My Roots,” “I’ve Got You Babe,” “Reggae Strong,” “Remember Me” and many more.
He recorded 22 albums in Zulu, English and Afrikaans in a 25-year period and was South Africa’s biggest selling reggae artist. Lucky Philip Dube (August 3rd, 1964 — October 18th, 2007) was a South African reggae musician.

Here, we present three of his recordings… the first has an interview  where he explains that during apartheid reggae was banned. It is followed by the song “No Truth in the World”.  The second song is one of his most popular songs “House of Exile” recorded here at a concert in Uganda – (Lyrics are included).  The third is a “Mandela Tribute” celebrating the end of Apartheid and the freeing of their people.

Enjoy these videos and related ones that appear after them.  Click to view videos…>>>>

House of Exile – by Lucky Dube of South Africa

House of Exile Lyrics…  <click here

War and Crime – Lucky Dube – Mandela Tribute

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