The GINA and NCN subventions – commentary

The GINA and NCN subventions – commentary

 Stabroek News – April 30, 2012  EditorialComments

Where theatrics and histrionics are concerned, the government has outdone itself on the opposition budget cuts that have reduced subventions to the Government Information Agency (GINA) and NCN to a dollar. Of course, the cuts relate to real people with real lives and there must be commiserations for the dislocations that may be caused to these workers. However, the jobs of these persons employed by GINA, in particular, are well within the resourcefulness of the government to preserve and not one of them needs to be sent home. Unfortunately, by parading them on the picket line the government is continuing to exploit the workers in the same manner it did in the last two administrations and which has now resulted in the opposition-led budget cuts.

The behaviour of the government over the budget cuts leads one to believe that only the hurt of it and its supporters’ matters and that the government is completely blame free of any action that has caused similar hurt to sections of the Guyanese community. Both propositions are completely fallacious. The suspension of CNS Channel Six by the previous government on several occasions is a case in point.  [more]

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