AFC Statement Regarding the Budget Cuts

AFC Statement regarding the Budget Cuts

The following attainment contains a detailed explanation from the Alliance For Change (AFC), regarding the cuts made to the 2012 Budget in Parliament.

The statement is titled:”Understanding the Budget Cuts

Here is the attachment: Re- budget-cuts-AFC statement

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  • Cyril Balkaran  On May 10, 2012 at 12:52 pm

    The National Budget is about spending based on the priorities in the deliverance of Goods and services to the Nation. Priorities are based on the needs of the country and the planning commission requsites based on the consultanies government has employed. The economic advisers to the President are the people to do that job based on the government’s consultancy programs. The opposition can develop a euphoria based on the total cuts that they have engineered and they may very well do more harm in the long run than good to the country. Now why cut expenditure to the office of the Presidency? Why imagine that the outstanding sums from the NICNL must go to the consolidated fund in one full swoop? There are people out there who will agree that the one majority of the combined opposition will block progress for political reasons. But what if an election is called and the opposition forms the government with the same one majority then what will you do. Mr Granger and Nagamootoo must answer this provocative question. There is some thing very peculiar about the Guyanese electorate and that is what you politicians have to reconsider every time you open yuur mouth to speak. In 1964, under the first PR that Britain executed for Guyana, The PPP got 48% of the vates, the PNC 40% and the UF 12%. This was voting at best on the Race Lines and induced fears at that time. Nagamootoo must also tell us why he is so confident that the cuts will sane and work. If Corruption is rampant why not seek the International help to bring those responsible to justice. The External agencies are also monitering the post budget fracas that you have engineered in the name of Democracy. how will the Hydroelectricity Project proceed and how will jobs be secured and maintained by your very cynical cuts? How can I cast a vote for you with the intended mischief you and others have heaped upon this government of six months duration. Your negotiating skills need to be retraced and your focus will not be on the Presidency but on saving the jobs of those very clerks and messengers who I am sure will be there inspite of your agenda to spread fear amongst the working class. The hyprocracy must end now and we can perhaps try thr Tripartite arrangements you so want and desire. The negotiations must be based on give and take and not on the current rhetoric that Granger and you are so puffed up about. Going on the streets and explaining to the populace will not be so easy as you think. Come on you have just come out of an general election why let the fight for political power in Guyana deprive you of a good night’s rest. at your age you need to sleep as a baby 7-8 hours of undisturbed sleep to recoup as a fighter for the next day’s activities. No hard feelings my brother and all the best. I will follow up with you on these facilities that the good Cyril Bryan has made available to all Guyanese at home and abroad. God Bless us all! Long live Guyana!

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