Guyanese Online Newsletter: April 2012

Georgetown celebrates 200 years – renamed in April 1812

 Guyanese Online Newsletter: April 2012

Download:  #25 – Guyanese Online Newsletter – April 2012

The Guyanese Online monthly newsletters and this Blog are created by Cyril Bryan, as his contribution to the Guyana Diaspora who want to be informed about news from Guyana, as well as the historical and cultural articles that keep us all connected to the “Guyanese cultural experience”.

Most (about 70%) of our readers live in the USA, Canada, and the UK, but recent 30-day Blog statistics show that our blog was visited by persons in 146 countries.

This 25th issue has 23 pages and 117 items.   Here are the major news categories: Budget Debate 2012; Guyana’s Parliament and Governance; City of Georgetown News; Agriculture and Mining;  Business; Education ; Medical News; Guyanese Associations; Tourism; Caribbean and Regional News; Arts and Cultural News; Blog Entries and statistics and advertising  of events for various Guyanese Associations.

Download:  #25 – Guyanese Online Newsletter – April 2012

List of Contents – 117 entries     April 2012 Newsletter – List of Articles – download list  or view below:-

Page 1: BUDGET 2012 UPDATE

  • Masthead picture – Georgetown celebrates 200 years
  • Finance Minister presents whopping $ 192.8B national budget
  • Budget cuts could be reversed – Granger


  • GUYANA in May 2012 – Cyril Bryan Editorial
  •  Blog Statistics – Most popular last 30 days


  •  Guest Editorial: APNU deals with the Government – Stabroek News
  •   Forked tongue: Stabroek News’ criticism of APNU – by David Hinds


  •    No bad blood between AFC, APNU – Ramjattan
  •     Joint opposition propose over $26B in budget cuts
  •     APNU/AFC on common ground
  •     Opposition gouges $1.7B from Budget; NCN, GINA allocated $1each
  •     More historic developments as…Budget approved, $21B slashed
  •     Opposition decries massive spending without corruption  safeguards
  •      $4B bailout will not solve GuySuCo’s problems – AFC
  •      Our participation in local govt. elections hinges on reforms – APNU
  •      Guyana debt higher than 1992 – Moses Nagamootoo
  •       APNU will demand that NICIL be brought to books – Greenidge
  •      $7.8B budgeted to fortify Drainage & Irrigation structures


  •   ‘Operation El Dorado’ launched to reduce illegal mining in Guyana
  •    Chinese company that bungled US$200M Skeldon plant given US$48M GPL contract
  •    National Assembly oversight for State resources during electioneering – EAB
  •    $60 million GPHC shed devalues to $21 million
  •     GPL rents US$900,000 generator for US$720,000 annually
  •     Auditor General, police probe possible fraud at GGMC, mining company
  •    Grove/Diamond residents attack government for corruption cover-up


  •    City Hall’s current clampdown
  •    Stabroek Market’s environs to be fully sanitised – M&CC
  •    Councillors mull approaching Auditor General on City Hall’s financial discrepancies
  •    NBS earns $180M from Berbice Bridge in 2011 New Headquarters opening soon
  •    Georgetown Chamber elects new executive
  •    UG, One World team up to help city youths


  •     Rice continues record-breaking movement on economic front
  •     Mere two years after commissioning…US$200M Skeldon factory set for major overhaul
  •     GuySuCo’s failures force Antigua to import sugar from elsewhere
  •     UG research finds Orange Rust Disease in Guyana
  •     RUSAL to expand bauxite operations in Guyana
  •     Potable water rehab programme in Linden about to start
  •     CGX pushes back drilling schedule, stock plunges
  •     Special unit to oversee expansion of bauxite operations, investments


  •      Lindeners seeing dark economic future
  •      Government defends increased electricity tariffs for Linden
  •      GPL set to lose US$200M this year – PUC
  •       Brazil trade… Lethem Authority to be established
  •       Next National Census expected in second half of 2012
  •       Guyana leading Caribbean in EPA implementation, says EU
  •       106-year- old Patamona mother honoured by her community
  •       Guyana Festival Committee Dinner/Dance Toronto – May 26, 2012


  •       Chinese firm buying government’s GT&T shares for US$30M
  •       Small and medium businesses to benefit from investment fund
  •       Bank of Baroda opens Mon Repos branch
  •       Vandals targeting GT&T cables
  •       Guyanese invest in regional carrier
  •       First Suriname-Guyana financial venture launched
  •       Georgetown Chamber of Commerce elects new Executive


  •       GUY$26.5B for education; UG, CPCE to benefit
  •       Mangrove Restoration Project…UG to research related climate change issues
  •       APNU calls for ‘quality product’ in Education
  •       GT&T donates DVDs to Learning Channel
  •       Guyana, UNICEF in US$15M par’ship to boost women, children rights
  •       Poor nursing education highlighted in the National Assembly
  •       NGO focuses on the East Ruimveldt Secondary School
  •       Queens College Alumni of NY – 21st Anniv. Celebration – Sat, May 19,


  •       Government stands firmly behind HPV vaccination programme
  •       Health Inspectors commence crackdown on illegal operations
  •       Govt. budgets $672 million for Speciality Hospital
  •       British High Commissioner makes donation to Health Ministry
  •       Primary health care is a paramount need
  •       Linden Hospital Complex a disaster- APNU
  •       HIV on the decline in Guyana – says PANCAP
  •       Visually-impaired girl heading out to Trinidad & Tobago for surgery

Page 14: TOURISM

  •       Suriname Airways returns to Guyana after six years
  •       Guyana first country to host tourism conference twice
  •       Tourism Development Conference…LCDS can promote sustainable policies
  •       US$22.5M into CJIA expansion, awaits Chinese loan
  •       CJIA’s $150M expansion…Govt. eyes Indonesia, Singapore, South & West African Markets
  •       CJIA expansion will dislocate Timehri residents
  •       Not a priority…Marriot, CJIA project should be halted – AFC, APNU
  •       Website Links to Hotels, Eco-resorts etc.. In Guyana


  •       Religious organizations, Health Ministry host medical outreach
  •       Cuban nationals donate 62 units of blood
  •       Campbellville residents to build Fun Park
  •       Canada constructs guest house at Capoey – Essequibo Coast
  •       Peace Corps Volunteers inducted
  •       CENTURY21 CAMDEC Real Estate Ltd – 35th Anniversary Advertisement
  •       GTLime 11 – Weekend Celebrations – June 1-2 – Florida
  •       GUYAID – 27th Annual Tribute to Mothers – Greenbelt. Maryland. USA.
  •       Guyanese Canadian Cultural Association of BC – Dance May 26 – Vancouver BC

Page 17-19: ARTS – CULTURE

  •       Ruminations by Carl Hazlewood a ‘Foreign Guyanese’
  •       Guyanese artist Carl E. Hazlewood in Formed Perceptions Exhibition
  •       Mohandas K Gandhi –  book Review By : Leonard Dabydeen,
  •       How a trip to Guyana became a short-listed novel
  •       Guyanese short film at Caribbean film festival
  •       Arts & Craft association to open central shopping plaza
  •       1823 Demerara Revolt monument, Instit. of Creative Arts coming – gov’t
  •       WALTER RODNEY – 70 year Anniversary—23 March 2012


  •       Caribbean: Tourism central to region’s future growth
  •       Caribbean Tourism: The Cruise Industry
  •       Good News for Trinidad’s Economy
  •       Trinidad in big oil find – says Government
  •       Trinidad Opposition Leader dismisses “massive oil find” as a hoax
  •       Award of large contract to Chinese company worrying – T&T senator
  •       Jamaica 50 to cost J$688 million
  •       Chinese break Jamaica sugar marketing monopoly
  •       Suriname lawmakers grant immunity for 1982 murders
  •       Netherlands raps Suriname over killings amnesty
  •       Heightened security at Suriname’s borders
  •       Several advantages to doing business with Barbados, says PM
  •       Guyana’s Consul General to Barbados presents Letter of Commission
  •       Barbados to build first waste to energy plant at major landfill
  •       IMF says Caribbean economy to grow 3.5% over two-year period
  •       Remittances to Caribbean rose in 2011
  •       Caribbean women entrepreneurs network launched
  •       Leaving Trinidad more costly – airport tax raised
  •       TCL on the brink—cement producer facing shutdown – – strike now in 10th week
  •       Federation of Guyanese Nationals (UK) – 46th Anniv. Ball – May 19th – London


  •      Top 10 – Views by Country – for 30 days ending April 27, 2012

Cyril Bryan

Guyanese Online Blog and Newsletter
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  • Cyril Balkaran  On April 29, 2012 at 3:57 am

    Georgetown, Guyana has always been described as the garden city of the West Indies, until those ugly political fires of February 16th 1962 that destroyed parts of that beautiful garden city.The riots and fires also destroyed parts of Regent street in 1962 and left an indelible scar on the garden city which would not heal up to today. The world’s largest wooden building is in Georgetown. The famous St. George Cathedral. Guyana’s Carnigie Public Free Library is also in this once beautiful garden city. The world’s highest waterfall is the Kaiteur Falls in the Potaro river which is beamed all over the Tourist world from Georgetown also. Many people of the Caribbean have also not heard of the world’s largest fresh water fish which is the Arapaima fish weighing some 700 -900 pounds and can be caught in the waters of the Amazon by harpoons. Hats off to Georgetown the gateway to the world’s 3 marvellous events.The Ministry of Tourism must be proud to sell our country for what it really is. Gold, bauxite, diamonds and other minerals are second place to our natural priorities. The last Omai gold plant deal was a sad blow to our economic system and poor planning by our own industry. I hope that such terrible economic deals never happen again where a government bargains for 5% and gives away 95% to its foreign Partners. Guyana for Guyanese first. what shall we do with our 83,000 sq. miles is anyone’s guess. The Brazilians are invading the gold mines from the South, the Venezuelains from the West and recently we won an International court award at the UN where the Surinamese in the East wanted to take control of the Oil Rich Belt in the Corentyne River basin.Thanks to the Repsol and President Jagdeo for fighting to retain Guyana’s soverignity. Great is Georgetown and greater are its citizens! God Bless Guyana.

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