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Guyanese Online Newsletter: April 2012

Georgetown celebrates 200 years – renamed in April 1812

 Guyanese Online Newsletter: April 2012

Download:  #25 – Guyanese Online Newsletter – April 2012

The Guyanese Online monthly newsletters and this Blog are created by Cyril Bryan, as his contribution to the Guyana Diaspora who want to be informed about news from Guyana, as well as the historical and cultural articles that keep us all connected to the “Guyanese cultural experience”.

Most (about 70%) of our readers live in the USA, Canada, and the UK, but recent 30-day Blog statistics show that our blog was visited by persons in 146 countries.

This 25th issue has 23 pages and 117 items.   Here are the major news categories: Budget Debate 2012; Guyana’s Parliament and Governance; City of Georgetown News; Agriculture and Mining;  Business; Education ; Medical News; Guyanese Associations; Tourism; Caribbean and Regional News; Arts and Cultural News; Blog Entries and statistics and advertising  of events for various Guyanese Associations.

Download:  #25 – Guyanese Online Newsletter – April 2012

List of Contents – 117 entries     April 2012 Newsletter – List of Articles – download list  or view below:- Continue reading

The Savage Land – feature-length film of a Guyana expedition

The Savage Land – feature-length film on Guyana..

This is the first feature-length documentary ever produced by the CFZ. It was originally posted on GoogleVideo, but we are happy to – at last – be able to post it here.  (Length 1 hr. 40mins).
It tells the story of an expedition to Guyana in November 2007, when five explorers from the CFZ went in search of giant anacondas, the bigfoot-like di-di, the terrifying water tiger, and the grotesque red-faced pygmys.
Facing deprivation and near death on their travels, the CFZ went in search of monsters, and found more than they had bargained for..   Continue reading

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