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Those cuts in subvention – commentary

Those cuts in subvention

April 26, 2012 | By Editorial

Guyana must be the most interesting place on earth. It is interesting to say the least because at the slightest agitation people mount protests. Sometimes these protests turn ugly because there are always people who are more incensed than others. The latter are the people who at the drop of a hat would become hostile to the point of confronting anyone who challenges.
These past few days during the budget debate there have been a series of protests directed at the parliamentary opposition. For the first time there is a situation in the National Assembly where whatever the government tenders as a national budget is not necessarily going to be passed. In the past, because of its majority the government would present its budget and irrespective of arguments would pass what it presents. Continue reading

TATA for Now – India’s Industrial Outpost in Britain

India’s industrial outpost  – Tata for now

The country’s biggest manufacturer is Indian. What does it seek from and give to Britain?

Sep 10th 2011 | STOCKSBRIDGE | The Economist

THE steelworks at Stocksbridge in South Yorkshire are strangely quiet. Its furnaces are not of the roaring blast variety; they are small, purring vacuum-arc furnaces that use electrical current to re-melt steel. Beer-barrel-sized ingots made from scrap at a sister steelworks in nearby Rotherham are cleaned, welded to a stub and lowered into the furnace. The drop-by-drop melting takes 12-14 hours, removes impurities and strengthens the steel. Once cooled and tested, the blocks of steel are ready for use in aerospace and oil-drilling, where high-strength steel is prized.

The steelworks were once part of Corus, an Anglo-Dutch firm, and before that of British Steel. They are now owned by Tata Steel, which belongs to an Indian conglomerate that also makes Continue reading

Travel Postcard: Guyana 24 Hours

Travel Postcard:  Guyana 24 Hours

April 26, 2012  – newsamericanow.com – By Felicia Persaud

Cheddi Jagan Int. Airport - Guyana

News Americas, GEORGETOWN, Guyana, Fri. April 27, 2012: A five-hour flight from New York’s JFK airport via one of three airlines, will take you directly to the only English-speaking country in South America that is Caribbean in culture, multi-ethnic as the region it lies in and truly Amazon in geography.

Welcome to Guyana, a country of 83,000 square miles of neatly carved out coastland where most of the population of less than a million live and a lush, Continue reading

Budget cuts could be reversed – Granger

Budget cuts could be reversed – Granger

April 26, 2010  –  Demerara Waves

Leader of the Opposition David Granger says the cuts the opposition parties have made in the budget could be reversed later if the government accedes to the demands they see as necessary to ensure a better life for Guyanese.

Speaking to reporters Wednesday evening Granger said that the parliamentary process currently underway is not the end of the road.

“We will continue to work for our supporters because we will use the leverage we have gained this evening to go back to the government and continue talks until we get what we want. We haven’t closed the door.   Continue reading

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