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A.P.N.U PRESS STATEMENT   Georgetown, Guyana. Tues. 24th April 2012


A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance for Change (AFC) have decided to stand on common ground to resist the passage of the 2012 National Budget unless significant changes are implemented in the public interest.

APNU recalled that, soon after the 28th November 2011 General and Regional Elections, it called for the establishment of a Tripartite Budget Committee to collaborate on the crafting of a national budget that would be acceptable to all sides. The People’s Progressive Party/Civic Administration adopted the call as its own but never convened that Committee. In spite of talks aimed at making changes to the Estimates, the National Assembly is now preparing to conclude its examination of the unchanged Estimates of Expenditure.

APNU and AFC have made it clear that the Budget, in its present form, does not meet their demands for changes to stimulate growth, lower the cost-of-living and improve the quality of life for ordinary people.   Continue reading

Guyana ranks 90th in ICT report

Guyana ranks 90th in ICT report

 Stabroek News – April 20, 2012

(Jamaica Gleaner) Jamaica dipped one spot to rank 74th overall in The Global Information Technology Report (GITP) 2012 published this month, but tied with 57 other countries to take the number one spot in the telecoms competition subcategory.

The overall level of competition in all the categories is assessed based on monopoly, partial competition, and full competition.

Sweden led the world for the third consecutive year whilst Jamaica’s ranking sank for the sixth consecutive year, according to the GITP 2012 Living in a Hyper-connected World, published by the World Economic Forum (WEO), based in Switzerland. The WEO is an independent non-aligned organisation that seeks to shape global and industry agendas.

Jamaica’s performance actually improved, but its rank dipped due to the addition of four nations to the 142-nation report.  Continue reading

The Jive Aces: “Bring me Sunshine” – music video

The Jive Aces: “Bring me Sunshine” – music  video

We live in “interesting times”…  economically, politically and socially.  While you listen to all the negative news that is spewed out daily you should always try to smile to bring out the positive vibrations within you.  This video by the Jive Aces is like a throwback to earlier times in dress, culture and music in the USA.. enjoy it for what it is worth … “Bring in the Sunshine”..

Russia’s Strategy – commentary

Russia’s Strategy  – commentary

April 24, 2012 – By George Friedman – Stratfor – Geopolitical Weekly

The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 reversed a process that had been under way since the Russian Empire’s emergence in the 17th century. It was ultimately to incorporate four general elements: Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Caucasus and Siberia. The St. Petersburg-Moscow axis was its core, and Russia, Belorussia and Ukraine were its center of gravity. The borders were always dynamic, mostly expanding but periodically contracting as the international situation warranted. At its farthest extent, from 1945 to 1989, it reached central Germany, dominating the lands it seized in World War II. The Russian Empire was never at peace. As with many empires, there were always parts of it putting up (sometimes violent) resistance and parts that bordering powers coveted — as well as parts of other nations that Russia coveted.

The Russian Empire subverted the assumption that political and military power requires a strong economy: It was never prosperous, but it was frequently powerful. The Russians defeated Napoleon and Hitler and confronted the far wealthier Americans for more than four decades in the Cold War, in spite of having a less developed or less advanced economy. Continue reading

Ruminations by Carl Hazlewood a ‘Foreign Guyanese’

Ruminations by Carl Hazlewood a ‘Foreign Guyanese’

Carl E. Hazlewood (see his art portfolio here) is a Guyanese artist, writer and curator, living in Brooklyn, New York. He is co-founder and former curator of ALJIRA, A Centre for Contemporary Art, in New Jersey.

There have been several occasions in recent years where I’ve been accused of being a ‘foreign Guyanese,’ that term being used deliberately to suggest, I felt, that I had no right to be involved with things I assumed was within my cultural sphere of interest as a ‘born’ Guyanese. As one might imagine, such encounters induced moments of extreme psychic dissonance for me. What was I? Who am I?  Why do I feel such a responsibility to folks who seem so disinterested in whatever I had to offer? And what is the responsibility of that place and those people to me?   Continue reading

Guyana | Filmmaker Mason Richards – “The Sea Wall”

Guyana | Filmmaker Mason Richards Brings Guyana’s Stories to Global Audience

By Havelock Nelson

After migrating from Georgetown to the United States when I was nine-years-old, coming of age in New York City during the early eighties amid hip-hop’s boastful rhymes, and returning only once as an adult, my memories of Guyana often arrive in sporadic, jumbled bursts, like some divine remix.

Recollections of home – a post-colonial nation with stunning scenery, nestled between Venezuela, Brazil and Surinam – often bubble up from visceral experiences: hearing a song, eating a tasty traditional meal, glancing at a yellowing Kodak snapshot.

I felt a similar sensation when I viewed Mason Richards‘ lush, organic short The Seawall and spoke with him about his attraction to film and filmmaking. He described trips to Guyana’s sole drive-in as magical and transformative, and for the first time in years my mind flashed back to going to the cinema on Saturday mornings Continue reading

Joint opposition propose over $26B in budget cuts

Joint opposition propose over $26B in budget cuts

Demerara Waves – April 23, 2012

The parliamentary opposition on Monday submitted proposed cuts amounting to more than GUY$26B from the GUY$192.8 national budget to the consternation of the government.

Notice was given in the National Assembly on Monday ahead of Tuesday’s consideration of the allocations which come under the Ministry of Finance and Office of the President headings. The government called a press conference shortly afterward where it labelled the proposals “extremely alarming” and urged the parties to reconsider.            Continue reading

No bad blood between AFC, APNU – Ramjattan

No bad blood between AFC, APNU – Ramjattan

Demerara Waves – April 23, 2012

Chairman of the Alliance For Change (AFC) Khemraj Ramjattan says there is no bad blood between his party and A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) in the wake of last week’s developments which saw the blossoming of a closer relationship between the latter opposition party and the government.

“The Alliance For Change wants to say that this does not in any way make our approach both to the government and APNU one that would be treated as if there’s antagonism between the parties, no, that is not so.   Continue reading

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