Finance Minister pleads with Opposition to use ‘Scissors’ judiciously

Finance Minister pleads with Opposition to use ‘Scissors’ judiciously

April 18, 2012 | BY  | NEWS  = By Gary Eleazar

Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh yesterday made his presentation/rebuttal to the 2012 Budget

Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh

debates where he sought to rip through the arguments put forward by the opposition.
“With a few exceptions” he acknowledged but condemned the majority of opposition presentations as “political grandstanding.”

The Finance Minister however closed his presentation on a completely different tone from the one with which he started and commenced to plead with the opposition to use its ‘scissors’ judiciously as it attempts to make cuts to the $192.8B Budget.

Already the Alliance for Change (AFC) Chairman, Khemraj Ramjattan, has outlined some $3B (US$15M) to be placed on the chopping block.   [more]

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  • Cyril Balkaran  On 04/24/2012 at 6:31 am

    The Sanctity and Sacredness of the Prepared Budget as this one 2012 is a measure for the Government’s Fiscal Program for the Country and so whatever horsetrading has to take place must so be done with some degree of measured austerity and for the benefit of the entire nation. The hue and cry on the job cutting exercise in the areas of contracts in each ministry is puerile thinking and is speaking of disaster in the area of human resources. The country can ill afford this type of cost cutting. Look at the area of Agriculture and measure the impact idle and arable land can have on the input in this area alone. Can we not develop infrastructure and allow Caribbean nationals to develop the Crops so that we can deal with food Security on a regional basis? What will it take to summon a meeting of all Caricom Ministers of Agriculture and let them come up with this development plan to be advertised and backed by the regional governments. The Donor agencies will be more than willing to develop this mega Regional Agro Project if invited. After all Food Security will be the bigger issue in this twenty first Century. Guyana’s 83,000 sq. miles is the ideal place to begin the Regional Agriculture Development Plan. Why will the Caricom grouping not operate as the EU of the 20thy Century? The Government of Trinidad and Tobago is already putting measures in place to deal with a cost cutting plan for some 4billion dollars of annual Food imports so that the population can fall in line with proposed the food plan for Trinidad and Tobago.The need to do some regional thinking by the Finance and Agriculture Ministers of this Caricom is now. The role of the Government is to ensure safety for the population and to promote the large agro and mega projects. The idle and arable lands can be better utilised if a Regional Plan is put in Place come on Ministers do some more dreaming for Agriculture. The Amazon fresh water and the virgin forest can produce any product. Invite the Caribbean Countries to this land of El Dorado and make the South American dream come through. Wake up Ministers and stop the unjust squabbling in the Nations Parliament.

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