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Budget debate… US$15M thrown on chopping block

Budget debate… US$15M thrown on chopping block

APRIL 18, 2012 | BY KNEWS | FILED UNDER NEWS  By Gary Eleazar

… Granger declares Budget will be re-tailored to reflect will of the people

The Leaders of the Combined Parliamentary Opposition made their intentions clear yesterday as the presentations to the 2012 Budget debates came to an end by sending an unwavering message that it will be altered and tailored to reflect the will of the people at the recently concluded General and Regional Elections.

Today, the House will dissolve itself into the Standing Committee of Supply, where each allocation will be addressed specifically by the Members of Parliament, at which time various amendments can and seemingly will be made.

Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition, Brigadier (retd.) David Granger, in his maiden presentation to a Budget Debate, declared that March 30, 2012, represented the end of an era.

The date that Granger referred to was the occasion of the presentation of the 2012 Budget by Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh.   [more]


Finance Minister pleads with Opposition to use ‘Scissors’ judiciously

Finance Minister pleads with Opposition to use ‘Scissors’ judiciously

April 18, 2012 | BY  | NEWS  = By Gary Eleazar

Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh yesterday made his presentation/rebuttal to the 2012 Budget

Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh

debates where he sought to rip through the arguments put forward by the opposition.
“With a few exceptions” he acknowledged but condemned the majority of opposition presentations as “political grandstanding.”

The Finance Minister however closed his presentation on a completely different tone from the one with which he started and commenced to plead with the opposition to use its ‘scissors’ judiciously as it attempts to make cuts to the $192.8B Budget.

Already the Alliance for Change (AFC) Chairman, Khemraj Ramjattan, has outlined some $3B (US$15M) to be placed on the chopping block.   [more]

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Argentine family touring in bus arrives in Guyana

Argentine family touring in bus arrives in Guyana

April 18, 2012 | BY KNEWS |By Sharmain Grainger

The Argentine family flanked by their new friends, Omkaar Sharma (left) and Roberto Tiwari

Driven by their passion for travelling and a desire to learn about new cultures, an Argentine couple yesterday for the first time made Guyana their first English-speaking destination. Accompanied by their four-year-old daughter Zaina, the couple – Matu and Shanti Buscando a Yaiza, who hails from Patagonia, Argentina, has over the years been making their global journey by bus.

read more…. complete article  Argentine family touring in bus arrives in Guyana

Linden begins `shutdown’ over proposed tariff hike – protests

Linden begins `shutdown’ over proposed tariff hike, large crowd protests

Stabroek News –Cathy Richards On April 18, 20 12Comments

Protestors at Wismar Mackenzie bridge

Lindeners in large numbers are today showing solidarity with the movement against the proposed increase of electricity tariffs for the mining town as announced by Minister of Finance Ashni Singh during the reading of the 2012 National Budget.

The government’s position on the increase was further solidified by Prime Minister Samuel Hinds during his presentation on the budget speech and this gave rise to residents of the community taking to the streets in protest.

Today is considered a “shutdown”  ..  [read complete article here ….>>   [Linden protests]

Hundreds protest over AFC budget cut plan

Hundreds protest over AFC budget cut plan

Stabroek editor On April 18, 2012  comments

Several hundred public servants today turned out to protest what they called ‘AFC thieving’ of their jobs in response to a motion by AFC MP Khemraj Ramjattan for cuts to some ministries’ contract jobs.

Minister Irfaan Ali (left) and some of the protesters today outside of Parliament

Minister Irfaan Ali (left) and some of the protesters today outside of Parliament

Several government ministers also joined the protest line of chanting workers, all of whom said that passage of the motion to be considered today would put them on the breadline.

There was a face-off between some of the workers and APNU protestors who were hollering ‘we want jobs too, we fed up of the thiefing.’   [more]

Old age pension to be $10,000 per month – following APNU talks

Old age pension to be $10,000 per month …following talks between gov’t, opposition 

Stabroek News  On April 18, 2012  – comments

The old age pension will now be $10,000 per month from May 1st, 2012 following talks today at the Office of the President between a government team and the opposition.

The government team included President Donald Ramotar, Finance Minister Ashni Singh, Presidential Advisor Gail Teixeira, Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon and Prime Minister Sam Hinds.  The opposition team comprised  Opposition Leader David Granger and APNU MPs Carl Greenidge and Dr Rupert Roopnaraine. There was no representative from the Alliance For Change.   [more]

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