Guyana: Economic Performance and Outlook – Professor Clive Y Thomas

Guyana: Economic Performance and Outlook

(The Recent Scramble for Natural Resources)

(Excerpted, edited, revised and updated from opinion pieces written mainly during 2011) by Professor Clive Y Thomas

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Contents/Page #  –

 A: Performance of the Guyana Economy in the 2000s, and Outlook

Performance: Guyana’s Economy, 2000 – 2011 – Pg  2

Outlook: Downside Risks   – Pg  6

Outlook: Upside Potentials (The Scramble for Minerals) –  Pg 11

 B: The Guyana-Norway “Partnership” to Exploit  Rainforest Potential  -Pg 20

The Low Carbon Dev  Strategy (LCDS) as Development Framework – Pg 20

The One-sided Guyana-Norway, Memorandum of Understanding   – Pg  22

The Hydro-power Solution!     – Pg 25

Note:  This section should be read in conjunction with Clive Thomas, The LCDS, Guyana-Norway Agreement and Environmental Issues Related to Climate Change and Global Warming. November 29, 2009 to August 1, 2010 (for availability see Introduction)

C: Looting Guyana: Polemics on the Scramble for Minerals and Other Natural  Resources    – Pg  28      

The Scramble for Minerals     – Pg  28

The Hydropower Debacle       – Pg 30

LCDS: Fraud, Deception and Opportunism    – Pg 32

D: The PPP/C Legacy (1992-2011): Weak, Volatile & Distorted Growth  – Pg 34

The PPP/C Legacy (Jagan and Jagdeo)  – Pg  34

Unrelenting Poverty    – Pg  36

List of Tables /Page

1: Guyana’s Growth Rate (old and new series)   – Pg  3

2: Guyana Growth Rate (Budget Targets vs. Outcomes)   – Pg 3

3: Macroeconomic Performance and Outlook (2015)    – Pg  5

4:  Guyana Goldfields Resource Estimates   – Pg 14

5: Annual Real GDP Growth (1992-1999)     – Pg 20

6: Annual Real GDP Growth (2000-2011)     – Pg 20

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