Royal Tour 1958: “Princess Margaret in British Guiana” – 2 videos

Royal Tour 1958: “Princess Margaret in British Guiana” – 2 videos

Royal visit: Princess Margaret 1958

Video #1/2  – no sound

Arrival of “Britannia” aircraft at Atkinson Air Field. Princess Margaret leaves the aircraft and is greeted by Governor Sir Patrick Renison. Fanfare of trumpets is sounded. Various shots of crowds, many waving Union Jack flags. Various shots of Princess waving to spectators. Presentations of VIPs – Acting Financial Secretary, his wife and Dr. Cheddie Jagan (leader of People’s Progressive Party, Ministry of Trade and Industry). Shots of Mrs. Jagan (Minister of Labour, Health and Housing).           

Princess Margaret goes aboard river boat “Canje Pheasant”. Various shots of boat en route to Georgetown. Various shots of Princess Margaret driving in open car to Government House, preceded by mounted police. Various shots of decorated boats.     (Date on dope sheet is 29/04/1958)

 “Princess Margaret in British Guiana”… 1958  – Video #2/2  – no sound

Various shots of Princess Margaret arriving by car at Cultural Centre, to see Industrial and Urban pageant. Princess is greeted by the Mayor Mr. C. A. Merriman and the Minister of Trade and Industry Mr. D. Jagan. The Governor presents Mr. Bayley and Mr. Critchlow OBE, Veteran Trade Unionist to the Princess. Various shots of the Princess on dais between the Mayor and Governor watching the procession. Various shots of the processions: people in fancy dress and carnival floats pass the dais. Floats mainly have trade union or industrial themes. Crowd shots and views of the Princess watching. Various night shots of St. George’s church illuminated by lights.    (Date on dope sheet is 01/05/1958.)

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  • DMITRI ALLICOCK  On 04/11/2012 at 11:15 am

    Truly a fascinating video and must see for all Guyanese! It encompasses a fairly recent but forgotten time before the stunning changes of our beloved and dear land of Guyana. Looking back is an essential navigational tool of wisdom and guarantees a much brighter future for all Guyana. “Toss your dashed hopes not into a trash bin but into a drawer where you are likely to rummage some bright morning.” ~Robert Brault

  • Sherri S. Mahatoo (nee) Raghoo  On 02/18/2019 at 7:57 pm

    My name is Sherri Mahatoo ( née Raghoo) I was born in British Guiana now Republic of Guyana. I lived between Victoria Road and Prince Willam Street, Plaisance Village, in the County of Demerara. I am now a citizen of Canada. When I was eight years old Princess Margaret visited British Guiana, I was attending St. Paul’s School at the time, I was chosen by my school to meet Princess Margaret and shake her hand on her way to the East Coast.My father Ramkhed Raghoo was at the time Owner and Proprietor of Plaisance Rice Mill, between Victoria Road and Prince William Street, where myself and fifteen other siblings were born. Great memories.

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