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The Henry Greene damage – editorial

The Henry Greene damage

By Stabroek staff On April 2, 2012  Editorial |

The ruling of the Chief Justice quashing the advice of the DPP that a rape charge be brought against the Commissioner of Police Mr Henry Greene will not summarily end the damage to the criminal justice system wrought by these proceedings and the feeling among the disempowered – particularly women in this case – that justice for them is unavailable or not easily attainable.

Mr Greene has benefited by unashamedly exploiting every single opening in the criminal justice system to avoid a charge of rape being preferred against him and he has been aided and abetted by the government which failed to take the disciplinary measures it should have employed at least by the time that he admitted that he had had sexual relations with the complainant in this case.   Continue reading

On your mark! Set! GONE! – By Earl John

The story below by Earl John shows the energy, drive, direction and collaboration of our fore-parents.  They nurtured the youth and cared for the aged (Archer Home for senior citizens).   We must celebrate the work of the African Development Association, ADA.  I read it at The Commemoration Committee meeting and others recently and they all said to me that it should be publicized …. it had ‘value’.

Tom Dalgety

On your mark! Set! GONE! By Earl John


In the 1930s Queenstown Roman Catholic School (‘Queenstown R.C’) was situated exactly where it is today – at the southeastern corner of Albert and Crown Streets, where the latter continues from Third Street, Alberttown, going in an easterly direction. Continue reading

The Bronze Woman – by Cecile Nobrega (1919-2013)

Editor’s Note:It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Cecile Nobrega on November 19, 2013 at the age of 94.

The Bronze Woman statue in Stockwell, London

Bronze woman Statue

In the south London town of Stockwell at the Stockwell Memorial Gardens  is a 10-foot bronze sculpture of a woman holding a child. It is the first public statue of a black woman in England. The Bronze Woman  was unveiled on October 8, 2008 (see BBC story).  It was the brainchild of a Guyanese poet and local resident Cécile Nobrega (nee Burgan).

The Statue in Stockwell Memorial Gardens is a timely reminder to the entire struggle of women as the bearers of children, of their strength, and of their aspirations for future generations of women to achieve a higher status in life.

The statue was designed by renowned sculptor Ian Walters, whose many famous London sculptures include the Nelson Mandela statue next to the Royal Festival Hall.  Walters died before the project was completed and it was finished by sculptor-artist Aleix Barbat, at Heatherley’s School of Fine Art.  Continue reading

Top 100 – Most Popular Posts for March 2012:

Top 100 – March 2012:

March 2012 had the highest number of page views – 45,848, since the blog was started two years ago. The previous highest was 42,375 in February 2012.  At March 31, 2012, the blog had a total of 494,386 views and 1236 entries. Visitors looked at 499 entries – this is the list of the Top-100.

 TOP 100 – most popular posts  for  March 2012.

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  8. Mashramani 2012 Guyana – pictures
  9. Fruits of Trinidad and Tobago – and Guyana
  10. The Jeff Corwin Experience: Guyana Land Of the Giants – 2 videos
  11. The East Indian Presence in Trinidad and Tobago 1845-1917 – six videos
  12. A Brief History of Portuguese in Buxton/Friendship:
  13. The Royal Visit of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip to British Guiana in 1966.
  14. Jessica Sanchez – I Will Always Love You – American Idol 2012
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  16. Barbadian Migration to British Guiana,1840-1960 – by Frederick Alleyne
  17. World Maps – This is a fantastic information tool
  18. The farce we call West Indies cricket – By Lester B. Bird
  19. First black female fighter pilot follows childhood dream     Continue reading
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