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GECOM to consider APNU’s SOPs verification findings

GECOM to consider APNU’s SOPs verification findings

Demerara Waves  March 20, 2012.

The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) says it is seriously concerned about the claims of the APNU in relation to its findings from its Statements of Poll (SOPs) verification exercise and they will be fully considered.

The APNU on Monday stated that it had uncovered too many irregularities to form a credible basis on which the presidency could be decided from the November 28 polls.

In a statement Tuesday GECOM’s Public Relations Officer Vishnu Persaud stated that they had noted with “serious concerns” the issues which were publicised by the opposition coalition.

“It is essential that we point out that, at the time that the Commission agreed to make the SOPs available to the APNU for scrutiny, this Party had given the undertaking to provide GECOM with the details of its findings.  Notwithstanding the APNU’s public pronouncements, to date GECOM has received no official documentation on this matter from the Partnership,” Persaud stated.

When contacted on Tuesday APNU Election Agent Joseph Harmon told Demerara Waves Online News that that they would be presenting the Commission with a formal copy of their findings before the end of the week.   Continue reading

More on GUY$90M Police allocation for elections controversy

1- Rohee cannot prevent $90M audit


–  says Auditor General

During a recent barrage of impromptu questions in the National Assembly by Volda Lawrence of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee dismissed the need for an audit into the GUY$90M allocated to the Guyana Police Force, but the Auditor General says ‘not so fast.’

This publication spoke with the Auditor General Deodat Sharma who says that he has every intention of probing the allocation which has garnered a significant amount of attention recently and further asserted that the Home Affairs Minister cannot prevent him from conducting an audit into how the funds were disbursed and utilized.
The Auditor General says that he is empowered by the laws of Guyana to conduct such audits and that the Home Affairs Minister cannot prevent this.  Sharma did say that he has taken no umbrage to the statements by the Minister, saying he took it to mean that Rohee was opining that the opposition might have been satisfied with his explanations of how the money was utilized.        [ more ]

2 – Home Minister loses confidence in Asst. Police Commissioner; asks for disciplinary action

In the wake of a public quarrel over the allocation of GUY$90 million to the police for last year’s general elections, Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee on Monday announced that he has lost confidence in Assistant Commissioner, David Ramnarine and has asked that he be disciplined.

“In the circumstances, the Minister of Home Affairs hereby declares that that he has lost confidence in the Guyana Police Force’s Commander at ‘C’ Division and as a consequence, has written drawn to the Commissioner of Police (ag) drawing to his attention, his concerns about the conduct of Assistant Commissioner Ramnarine and has requested that action be taken at his level in accordance with the Police (Discipline) Act Chap 17:01,” the Home Affairs Ministry said in a statement.              [ more+comments ]

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Statements of Poll Examination – Meetings between APNU & GECOM


Please find attached a copy of APNU’s Final Report on the Examination and Review of GECOM’s Statements of Polls (SOPs).

February 28th 2012 Final Report
Statements of Poll Examination – Meetings between APNU & GECOM
Dear All,

The APNU team had five meetings with GECOM from January 23 to February 20 2012. The findings recorded in our two previous reports dated January 23 and February 5 2012 (Annex 1 & Annex 2) are summarized herein, along with the findings from our most recent meeting with GECOM on February 20,2012.

The prevailing takeaway from our examination of the Statements of Polls (SOPs) among other key points is that multiple instances of misconduct, malpractice and document falsification occurred – from the missing final list of polling stations, preparation of SOPs, counting of party votes on SOPs, announcement of final election results and the arithmetic used to arrive at the summary votes made known in the gazetted results.             Continue reading

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