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Guyana Cultural Association of New York – March Newsletter

Guyana Cultural Association of New York – March Newsletter


 CELEBRATING  Guyanese Women Who Inspire

As this edition of our newsletter developed, the media team was reminded of a subtext to its main theme, Celebrating Women. It is only possible, within the limits of this newsletter, to highlight portions of the theme. However, as you read this March issue, do remember woman as mother, woman as the channel of new life. In this season of Lent we try to examine our lives as we move towards the Crucifixion and death and the reason for its occurrence: life. The festival of Phagwah heralds life triumphing over the threat of destruction.

This issue celebrates woman within the context of intertwining of the beginning and the end and all the glorious madness in between.

Our theme: Women.              Our subtext: Life.

Welcome to our March, 2012 issue –  Download: MARCH 2012NEWSLETTER

Juliet Emanuel – March Editor

PAGE 3: Happy Phagwah ;  PAGE 7: Frank Thomasson passes;   PAGE 10: Looking for a Wife;  PAGE 12: Memories of a Costume Designer;  PAGE 14: Making of a Bucktop;  PAGE 15: Beware the Ides of March;  PAGE 16: Bernadette Persaud;  PAGE 18: Guyana All Girls Steelband;  PAGE 20:-First Female Black Fighter Pilot;  PAGE 22: Hugh Sam;  PAGE 23: Reaching for the Prize;  PAGE 24: Fish in Abundance;  PAGE 26: Back Step Talk; PAGE 28: Midwives.


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