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Japan quake: Images of then and now

Japan quake: Images of then and now

11 March 2012 – BBC NEWS

One year ago, a massive earthquake and tsunami struck off the coast of north-east Japan. Thousands of people lost their lives and many more were injured as torrents of water swept through coastal cities, towns and villages.

Twelve months on, the Japanese people are making progress in repairing the damage to their country and rebuilding their lives. Scroll through the 10 images below, dragging the slider at the top of each one to see to see how some of the worst affected areas looked at the time of the quake and how they have recovered.

Here are the pictures – THEN and NOW…   [ more ]

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Breaking the Illusion of Limitation – video

Breaking the Illusion of Limitation

Viewer’s Comment:

There is nothing to believe, nothing to do, nowhere to go, no one to become or follow etc…You are fully complete, here & now, in this very moment. The mind and body keep us bond to the perpetual and never fully fulfilling search for things outside of our own self. But if you can forget about the body & mind in meditation then that is the true freedom. Freedom is not found outside in objects of the world. We must understand this. Otherwise we will never get anywhere, while thinking we are.

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Overworked America: The Great Speedup

Overworked America: The Great Speedup

Thursday 30 June 2011 – TRUTHOUT
by: Monika Bauerlein and Clara Jeffery, Mother Jones |

You: doing more with less. Corporate profits: Up 22 percent. The dirty secret of the jobless recovery.

On a bright spring day in a wisteria-bedecked courtyard full of earnest, if half-drunk, conference attendees, we were commiserating with a fellow journalist about all the jobs we knew of that were going unfilled, being absorbed or handled “on the side.” It was tough for all concerned, but necessary—you know, doing more with less.

“Ah,” he said, “the speedup.”

His old-school phrase gave form to something we’d been noticing with increasing apprehension—and it extended far beyond journalism. We’d hear from creative professionals in what seemed to be dream jobs who were crumbling under ever-expanding to-do lists; from bus drivers, hospital technicians, construction workers, doctors, and lawyers who shame-facedly whispered that no matter how hard they tried to keep up with the extra hours and extra tasks, they just couldn’t hold it together. (And don’t even ask about family time.)      [more]

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Dave Gilson, Mother Jones: “In the past 20 years, the US economy has grown nearly 60 percent. This huge increase in productivity is partly due to automation, the internet, and other improvements in efficiency. But it’s also the result of Americans working harder – often without a big boost to their bottom lines. Oh, and meanwhile, corporate profits are up 20 percent.”             Read the Article

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