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Celebrating Phagwah in Queens New York – in 2011

Happy Phagwah (Holi) from Guyanese Online

Here is a report on Phagwah as it was celebrated in Queens, New York last year…

New York Times Report

Celebrating Phagwah in Queens New York – in 2011

ON Sunday, Julie Ji got up early at her home in Richmond Hill, Queens, to make cook-up rice. The day began bright and quiet as she washed black-eyed peas and sliced mackerel for the dish, with no hint of the wild party to come.

Evan Sung for The New York Times

Gogola (banana beignets) for Phagwah.
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By 1 p.m., the huge pot was simmering away, and 125th Street had erupted with music and color, as thousands of people streamed by her house celebrating Phagwah, the Hindu holiday (called Holi in India) that greets spring’s arrival.

Ms. Ji’s husband, Ram Shyam, and his friends bounced with excitement on the sidewalk, their hands full of colored powder used for greeting friends and strangers, smearing stripes of pink, green and purple on anyone who offered a smile or a traditional greeting of “Holi hai!” Continue reading

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