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Flood Control- 03: Water Management – The Delta Approach – videos

Editor’s Note:  Flood Control- 03 – videos

Guyanese Online will be featuring a number of articles and videos on flood and sea defence management.  The Dutch (Netherlands) are the most experienced in this technology, as three-quarters of their country is below sea level. They built the framework of Guyana’s drainage systems, as colonial rulers from 1581-1781. This is the third of many articles and videos that will be featured:

Water Management – The Delta Approach – video

The Netherlands could be considered the most developed delta region in the world and home to innovative solutions and sustainable thinking.

The Southwest Delta of The Netherlands – 3 videos

The Southwest Delta of The Netherlands is a series of three short films made for the congress ‘Delta in times of climate change’. In this episode the (economical) position of the Southwest Delta in Europe, the emerging of the Delta, the effects of The Deltaworks and the solutions, safety, will be discussed:- Continue reading

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