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Guyana Floods – March 2012 – pictures of floods in Georgetown

These photos taken on Feb 29, 2012.

“With all the garbage on the street, I can imagine the state of the flood water.

We are one major sea wall breach, or really high waves, from a serious disaster on the Guyana coast”. – says Peter Halder, who submitted these pictures.

Some pictures are from Bryan Macintosh (bryanmaxx.com)

Here is the link to view more pictures from the Bryan Macintosh website..: click here

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New Garden st. (Bishops High school Corner) Continue reading

“It’s not a good time to be an ant” – an analogy for our times

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Thanks to Victor Valz for this submission …. Very interesting perspective…. I am sure that you could see mirror images of this in organizations.

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“The American Auto Industry is Back” – President Obama

The White House
Wednesday, Feb. 29, 2012

“The American Auto Industry is Back” 

Yesterday, President Obama spoke at the United Auto Workers Annual Conference to discuss the success of the American auto industry.
After nearly collapsing three years ago, our nation’s big three automakers are turning profits and opening new factories. The industry has added more than 200,000 jobs. And those workers aren’t just building cars again — they are building better, more fuel efficient automobiles that help Americans save money at the pump every time they fill up:

Three years later, the American auto industry is back. GM is back on top as the number-one automaker in the world — with the highest profits in its 100-year history. Chrysler is growing faster in America than any other car company. Ford is investing billions in American plants, American factories, and plans to bring thousands of jobs back to America.

See the President’s full remarks, and find out more about the cars Detroit is building.
POTUS addresses UAW

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Floods – Latest rains exceeded entire February amount in some locations

Floods – Latest rains exceeded entire February amount in some locations – Agri Ministry

(Demerara Waves) – February 29, 2012 –   Comments

The heavy rains over the last 24 hours exceeded the amount of rainfall expected for the whole of February for most locations across the coast, according to the Ministry of Agriculture.

In a release Wednesday the ministry said rainfall fell in excess of more than 120mm in most locations.

“Please note that the rainfall in the 24 hours Feb 28 into Feb 29 exceeded the amount of rainfall expected for the whole of Feb for most locations. For example Georgetown average 92 mm of rainfall in Feb, but on Feb 28/29, Georgetown experienced rainfall of 129 mm.”

The highest recorded rainfall for last 24 hours was 156.2 mm which was reported at Supenaam Forestry in Region 2, it added.

Flood conditions have been reported in Regions Three, Four and Six in areas such as Windsor Forest, Canals Polder, Blankenburg, Parika, Naamryck (Region Three), Greenfield, Beehive, Anns Grove, Hope, (ECD), Little Diamond, Herstelling (EBD) and Black Bush Polder (Region Six). Continue reading

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