Guyanese Online Newsletter: February 2012

Guyanese Online Newsletter: February 2012

The Guyanese Online monthly newsletters and this Blog are created of Cyril Bryan, as his contribution to the Guyana Diaspora who want to be informed about news from Guyana, as well as the historical and cultural articles that keep us all connected to the “Guyanese cultural experience”.

This issue of 26 pages and 128 items is the largest issue we have created (see list). Here are the major news categories (items in brackets): Mashramani (12); Parliament (16); Governance (26); Georgetown (7); Flood Updates (12); Other News (17) includes the University of Guyana (6); Medical news (9); Guyana organizations (5); Tourism (8); and Caribbean/Regional News (11).

Download:  #23 – Guyanese Online Newsletter – February 2012

 List of Articles in this issue  – 26 pages  – 128 articles

 Page1: Front Page

  2. Land three times the size of Barbados committed to ANSA McAL

Page 2: Guyanese Online

  1. Editorial – Cyril Bryan
  2. Jan 23 – Feb 23 – 30 Most popular entries

Page 3-5 – Mashramani Reports

  1. Digicel reigns supreme in Mash Costume competition.
  2. Beer giants, Digicel rule the road
  3. Mashramani Children’s Parade
  4. Mashramani Pan-o-rama Steel Band Competition
  5. Rubber Waist‘ Jomo cops 2012 Carib Soca Monarch Crown
  6. Buxton/ Foulis Mash 2012 to feature Li’l Rick and smashing surprises
  7. Children‘s Costume Parade attracts thousands
  8. Soup drinker‘ gives Young Bill Rogers Calypso crown
  9. Rudy Grant still blushes at the success of ‗Mash in Guyana‘
  10. Pulse Entertainment, E-Networks collaborate for Mash
  11. N/A outlines big plans for Mash 2012
  12. Region 6 Mash politicized – Former N/A Mayor

Page 6: Guest Editorial – A Refreshing Change in Parliament

Page 7-8:  Guyana’s Parliament

  1. Ramotar‘s tripartite arrangement in further jeopardy
  2. Govt. argues less than half of $5.7B was spent from coffers
  3. Opposition votes down supplementary provisions
  4. AFC seeking answers to several Govt. spendings
  5. Tripartite talks in jeopardy…Ramotar should provide evidence of rigged elections – AFC
  6. No time for Opposition to make input on 2012 budget
  7. Opposition may seek to surcharge for illegal Govt spending
  8. Granger flays Ramotar on election rigging claims
  9. Govt. continues to abuse Contingency Fund –says Auditor General
  10. Ramotar warns Govt. will not be held to ransom
  11. Combined Opposition strikes another blow in Parliament
  12. AFC eyes Parliamentary review of planned Marriott Hotel
  13. Govt. and Opposition agree on three major issues
  14. Jagdeo signs another MoU on behalf of Guyana
  15. Opposition feels snubbed by IDB president

Page 9-11:  Guyana’s Governance

  1. Hope Canal may not be concluded by May 2013 deadline – Dr. Ramsammy
  2. Norway funds could start trickling in
  3. Norway’s carbon funds:  16 Rupununi villages sign to help monitoring process
  4. “Holding Back the Sea” launched
  5. Govt. resists disclosing Sithe Global Hydro-power contract
  6. Fip Motilall’s failure costs Guyana…Amaila Falls road will cost much more than US$15.4M
  7. Govt., Synergy Holdings fighting over ‘junk’ equipment
  8. Guyana, Suriname seek IDB funding to bridge Corentyne River
  9. New procedures for issuance of visas to Guyana
  10. Guyanese worried most about robbery, night-time break-ins
  11. Rohee hints at lie detector test for entire Police Force
  12. Gold smuggling…GGMC to establish Lethem checkpoint
  13. EU calls for urgent establishment of broadcast authority
  14. Ramotar has no obligation to honour radio licences issued by Jagdeo
  15. Granger calls on President to halt ‘arbitrary’ transfers of NDC Overseers
  16. NDCs’ overhaul…Overseers ordered to pack up, hand over by February 3
  17.  Health Ministry used pencils to keep records – Auditor General Report
  18. Text book racket at Education Ministry…Cheques worth hundreds of million prepared before contracts awarded
  19. Gov’t book distribution process in total mess-Audit Office
  20. 2010 Audit Report…Gov’t paid blindly in chaotic old-age pension programme
  21. APNU will pursue repossession of Sanata Complex from QAII, Bobby Ramroop
  22. AG criticises Tender Board for $1.3 B allocation to New GPC
  23. Senior GRA official skips country amidst $4M bribery probe
  24. AFC demands Parliamentary probe of NICIL
  25. Govt. doesn’t deny financial irregularities  —says  Luncheon

Page 12: Georgetown

  1. Dawn of a new era?… Local Government Ministers finally meet with City Mayor
  2. M&CC laments non-consultation on one-way streets declaration
  3. Several city streets now one-way
  4. Youths brave rains to clean up seawall
  5. Fogging begins in city
  6. Oil drilling offshore Georgetown begins
  7. Power company forecasts $11B shortfall this year

Page 13- Flood Updates – February 2012

  2. Canal farmers welcome flood relief efforts
  3. Mahaica flooding sluice to be closed
  4. Water level drops at Conservancy as rainfall eases
  5. Black Bush farmers protest over flooding
  6. Severe flooding in Pomeroon –  Agri Ministry
  7. Conservancy reaches threatening level
  8. Hope/Dochfour farmers mull next move after severe flood losses
  9. Melanie Damishana farmers grieve over their losses
  10. Canal farmers count $M losses
  11. Rain pounds Region Six
  12. Health system on high alert – ministry

Page 13 – General News

  1. 500 remigrant house lots to be ready by May
  2. RCMP Canada seizes 20 kilos coke from Guyana in star apples
  3. Guyanese sex workers trekking to Suriname’s gold fields
  4. ImmigrationTALK: Fraud Indicators to avoid in the immigration process

Page 14 – Guyana’s First Lady Steps Out

  1. Army women the greatest form of public service-First Lady
  2. A charmer, empty seats, a wave, and those sleepers

Page 14 – Other News – Guyana

  1. GuySuCo racks up US$40M debt to local banks, creditors
  2. Robert Persaud’s Ministry has no authority to spend money
  3. New Chinese ferries to cost $50M per month
  4. Wapichan communities conserve 1.4 million hectares of pristine forest
  5. Manganese Mining – Major manganese find at Matthews Ridge

Page 15: University of Guyana – Industrial Action Updates

  1. Industrial action escalates at UG
  2. Rescue UG urges speedy signing of $10M World Bank grant
  3. US$10M project stalled
  4. UG Workers, lecturers to strike on February 27
  5. UG cancels career day as strike looms
  6. University of Guyana strike called off

Page16: Medical News

  1. GPHC admitted 28,591 persons last year
  2. No major outbreak of water borne diseases this year
  3. Ramsammy lashes out at critics of HPV Vaccine
  4. US medical group hands over $5M Bartica Hospital annex
  5. Patients not satisfied with treatments received at the Malaria Clinic
  6. GPHC commits to improving ambulatory service
  7. Fifteen graduate from Operating Room Technician Programme
  8. GPHC to commence ultrasound training programme
  9. Berbice health workers praised for being best in the country

Page 17: Guyana Organizations:

  1. More backing for Tiger Bay project
  2. 32 new Peace Corps volunteers arrive
  3. Senior citizen gives back to youths in community
  4. Food for the Poor offers police help
  5. Scotiabank ‘spreads love‘ to the less fortunate 

Page 18: Tourism

  1. Cruise liner docks in Georgetown
  2. Tourism Ministry to offer ― ‘Festival of Colours’ package
  3. Redjet, Tourism Ministry to collaborate on holiday package
  4. President Ramotar pledges sup-port for tourism sector
  5. RedJet moved 250,000 passengers to Guyana since May
  6. REDjet boosting Barbados tourist arrivals
  7. LIAT to review strategies to en-sure survival
  8. Website Links to Hotels, Eco-resorts. Etc in Guyana

Page 19-21: Caribbean and Regional News

  1. Japanese business investors interested in Jamaica
  2. Jamaican ambassador challenges Diaspora
  3. China-built Antigua power plant said to be flawed
  4. Taiwan dispute should never have reached the courts, says Grenada PM
  5. Bollywood celebrities and beauties arrive for interna-tional pageant in Suriname
  6. Bob Marley documentary electrifies Berlin
  7. Suriname automated border control system
  8. Jamaica: $2-B CASH CHASM as tax revenues fall
  9. The future of CARICOM thrown into question
  10. T&T explains huge Saudi Arabian project to US
  11. US President offers life line for Caribbean immigrants

Page 22-23: Associations

Toronto Foundation and Canadian Vision Care – Guyana Team

10th Anniversary Dinner-Dance and Projects Newsletter

Page 24-25: Historical

Historical: James Douglas, Canada, and Guyana – British Columbia’s first Governor.

Page 26 – Guyanese Online Blog

New Blog Entries – January 23 to February 23, 2012 = 91 entries

Download:  #23 – Guyanese Online Newsletter – February 2012


Total = 26 pages – 128 articles

— Post #1138

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  • Small, Claudia  On 02/27/2012 at 3:03 pm

    Thank you Cyril.

    You are doing an excellent job keeping us informed.



  • Peter Halder  On 02/27/2012 at 3:07 pm

    Thanks very much Cyril.

  • Aubrey Bonnett  On 02/27/2012 at 3:16 pm

    From: Bonnett, Aubrey
    To: Cyril Bryan

    Cyril. Thanks for your monumental contribution!
    It serves and play such an important role in the Diaspora.
    Just last week My ole buddy Malcolm Cliffe and I were speaking about your service Best to the posse. Brey

  • Brenda Maloney  On 02/28/2012 at 2:09 am

    Hi Cyril
    Greetings. I must commend you on this format. I like it and it is easier to read the different topics Very good job being done with the newsletter. Keep the good work going. Best wishes.

    Brenda Maloney

    • guyaneseonline  On 02/28/2012 at 2:37 am

      Hello Brenda and all readers:
      Thank you for your comments and supports for the work we are doing with this Blog and newsletter.
      We depend on your input to ensure that we are on the right track, highlighting the things that may be of interest to you.
      Thanks to all those who have contributed their articles, personal stories, videos and other material that we have posted.
      Kindest regards,

  • Parbudyal Singh  On 02/28/2012 at 4:44 am

    Hi Cyril,

    This is an excellent piece of work. Congratulations!

    In the future, you may want to include original commentaries (guest editorials, etc), and perhaps country/city reports on Guyanese in the Diaspora (for example, News from Guyanese in Toronto). In this way, you induce readers who read the dailies (SN, KN, Chronicle, Guyana Times) to take a look at your Newsletter as well. Just a thought.


    Parbudyal Singh, PhD
    Director, School of Human Resource Management
    York University
    Toronto, Canada
    Tel: 416-736-2100 , ext. 30100

    • guyaneseonline  On 03/26/2012 at 3:18 am

      Hi Parbudyal:
      Thank you for your input re the February 2012 Newsletter.
      I intended to reply earlier to your suggestion in relation to country/city reports, but got busy and only remembered when I started the Editorial for the March issue..
      This is an excellent idea but it would require dedicated persons to collect the most relevant information for inclusion in an extended newsletter.
      This would take some doing as I am the only person producing the blog and the newsletter…. although I do get help from readers who send in articles and information for inclusion I am now looking at how best to reach more and more Guyanese in The Diaspora and your ideas are welcome.
      Kind regards

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