Gov’t will not be held ransom – Ramotar tells Nat’l Assembly

Gov’t will not be held ransom – Ramotar tells Nat’l Assembly

February 10, 2010 – Demerara Waves

President Donald Ramotar has said that his minority PPP/C government will not be held ransom by the opposition in the new political dispensation which sees the AFC and APNU holding a one-seat majority in the 65-seat National Assembly.

In his inaugural address to the House President Ramotar said the new construct emerging from the November 28 elections provides an historic opportunity for Guyana.

In a speech lasting some 37 minutes the president said his administration would be loath to accept gridlocks which could stymie Guyana’s development.

“I am satisfied that we are capable of demonstrating to the Guyanese nation that while political competition and diversity are essential in a democracy they should not foreclose on the possibilities for compromise and consensus in the way we do business.   Read more

Read: Full text of President Donald Ramotar’s speech

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  • N. Augustus  On 02/11/2012 at 11:46 am

    Mr. Bryan: Allow an old Mudhead to share these thoughts with your Guyanese readers/leaders.

    Guyana is at the cross roads to either greater progress or contentious stagnation at best or chaos at worse. Which direction it takes depends on whether its finds an antidote to what may be referred to as the “R.I.C.E” virus. Racism,Incompetence, Corruption and Egotism. This virus has plagued and rendered the society impotent to achieve the One Guyana concept. Perhaps, the antidote may be found in Respect, Inclusion, Cooperation and Equality. How the government, opposition, voters and the society at large play their parts will ultimately decide Guyana’s and their futures.

    The President must show to be aware of whatever is happening and that government is functioning in a fair and transparent manner. He must take whatever actions are necessary to see that Ministers and other persons in authority are held accountable and that they are making sure that things are being done effectively and timely, while working to make improvements and savings in their areas. The government must strive to be proactive not just reactive. Presidents must constantly engage as many stakeholders as possible while seeking common ground with the opposition.

    The opposition must spend their time addressing current problems such as security, flooding and projects and programs pending, before investigating and overturning perceived bad past actions. Focus must be first on the present and future, without ignoring what is in the past, which could be addressed in due time. The voters must demand that the focus be on the jobs and social needs first. They must also recognize that how they behave in their public lives help decide how successful Guyana will be. Many of the problems can be traced to bad behaviour and attitudes by people, more than government policies, regardless of which party is in power or the ethnicity of the President. One’s future may eventually be determined not by the handicaps we face but how one choose to handle them. Finally, the business and NGOs have to play a much more active part. They must insist that they become part of the decision making process and help create the common ground so badly needed. The future is in all the hands in Guyana, it is the policies that are important not party or politicians. Just saying.
    N. Augustus

  • Catty  On 02/11/2012 at 1:53 pm

    Through all the years of the PPP/Civic majority rule, it never gave a second thought to anyone or anything that did not conform to their dictatorial rule. Now they’re a minority government and the President has the gall to accuse the opposition parties of holding the government ransom. If Guyana is to move forward ALL parties must make decisions that are for the good of all people, whether they’re supporters of the government or one of the opposition parties. The PPP/Civic must understand that it’s not business as usual because they are a minority government and as such, will be subject to scrutiny and disagreement. That just the New Order of things and either they get use to it or call another election to settle who the majority of Guyanese people want to represent them and Guyana. You’re no longer in control at the moment.

  • Joy  On 02/11/2012 at 2:07 pm

    Mr. Ramotar is talking about gridlock here. Gridlock is what will happen if the Committee is set up based on what the PPP/Civic wants. Ms. Ally’s proposal of (4) members from the each of the PPP/Civic, and the APNU with the AFC having the swing vote makes the best sense in achieving policies that work for ALL parties. Does he really think that the opposition parties are that stupid to fall for his so called avoidance of non-gridlock in the voting process by wanting the government to have (5) committee members.

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