The Royal Visit of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip to British Guiana in 1966.

The Royal Visit of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip to British Guiana in 1966.

Queen Elizabeth II has just celebrated the 60th year as a monarch.  Here we show a short film of her visit to British Guiana in early 1966: 

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This item is shot in Technicolor.   British Guiana (Guyana).Various shots of the Orinduik Falls in British Guiana. Several shots of large sugar plantation with men working on it. Several long shots of a village, Dogs, chicken, monkeys etc.Several shots of Georgetown, the capital of British Guiana. Royal yacht Britannia in harbour.

Close up shot of Royal Standard. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, arriving on shore and are greeted by the Governor Sir Richard Luyt and wife. Press taking photographs. Several dignitaries presented to the Queen. Queen and Duke driving in the open car through crowded streets, people cheering loudly.

Queen and Prince Philip waving from the balcony of Parliament building. Mass crowd cheering.Queen and Prince Philip unveil portraits of themselves in legislative chamber, dignitaries looking on. Queen and Prince Philip driving in the open car to Promenade Gardens, large crowd cheering.

Various shots of the Queen meeting various dignitaries and their wives at the party at Promenade Gardens.

Train arriving to station in the village of Plaisance, large crowd cheering. Queen, Duke and Prime Minster leaving the train. Calypso band playing. Queen and Duke leaving on the train, they wave, crowd waving and cheering.

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  • Peter Halder  On 02/08/2012 at 7:38 pm

    Subject: FW: ROYAL TOUR to BG IN 1966

    Long ago, but the video brings back fond memories. I was at the Ministry of Information then. I managed the Press Relations Programme for the visit since there were some 40 British press, TV and radio personnel who came. The Press Centre was set up at Bishops High School.
    I took the British Press to a visit to Lethem. I was presented, among others, to Her Majesty and Prince Philip at a Press Reception on board the Royal Yacht. And had a great time at the wharf when the Royal Party departed.

  • DMITRI ALLICOCK  On 02/09/2012 at 11:10 am

    This video was the best bit of information that Guyanese Online has provided and spoke volumes. Look at the beautiful and clean Georgetown, the railway, the gardens and the happy faces of our people. I totally enjoyed it.
    This video was the closing chapter of a great Guyana where the respect for life and quality would spiral down in such a shocking way. The two architects of the tragedy were mentioned and shown. The talk of “Jagan’s PPP and the video of the lurking Forbes Burnham” were ominous and just on the horizon which spelled doomed for this story of “Once Upon A Time in British Guiana”

  • Nathaniel jacob  On 06/02/2017 at 9:38 pm

    I met the queen when I way 6 yrs old at Yakusari near school I am Nathaniel Jacob. I wish if someone can send me that photo was a group of my class mates.

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