APNU – NEW YEAR MESSAGE – By Brigadier David Granger


By  Brigadier David Granger

Friday 30th December 2011


Brigadier David Granger – Presidential Candidate of A Partnership for National Unity – has announced in his New Year message that 2012 can be a ‘year of hope’ for Guyanese.

Mr. Granger, declaring that ‘175,000 persons can’t be wrong,’ said that the people voted for change in the 28thNovember general and regional elections. The year 2011 sounded the death knell of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic-style ‘winner-takes-all’ political culture that had poisoned ethnic relations, divided the nation, fostered massive corruption and hampered economic development over the years. 

A Partnership for National Unity and the Alliance for Change parties, collectively, have been given a ‘mandate from the majority.’  Their vision is clear and their voices must now be heard. The parties’ task will be to advance change through the legislative process in the National Assembly.

The New Year must be made one of hope for the population at large. It must become a year in which our children can look forward to better schools, our youths can expect employment, our workers can feel more secure in their jobs and our women and girls can be safe in their homes and villages. Everyday life in this country must be different from the past 19 years of PPP/C one-party rule. That’s what the people voted for because that’s what they want!

Mr. Granger said that 2011 had been a ‘year of discontent’ for the majority of the population. Numerous factors – including the high rate of unemployment among the young; the high rate of dropouts from primary and secondary schools; the high rate of migration of educated graduates; the high cost-of-living aggravated by low salaries for government employees and a burdensome Value-Added Tax and the high rate of crime, especially piracy in our coastal waters, banditry in the hinterland and domestic violence in our villages – combined to make life miserable for the majority citizens.

Mr. Granger called on the PPP/C to stop pretending that it could run a one-party Government and not to continue to ignore the public will as the old PPP/C Administration did in previous years. It failed spectacularly failed to address the people’s day-to-day problems then and it will fail again unless there is change. The electorate, as a result, had sent a clear message that it was fed up with the old politics.

Mr. Granger encouraged the population, especially young people, to remain hopeful. At last, a real start can be made in fulfilling A.P.N.U’s electoral promise of providing “a good life for all Guyanese.”  He said, summing up A.P.N.U’s approach, “Determination must defeat desperation and the politics of cooperation must overcome confrontational relations in 2012.”

 Happy New Year to all!

A Partnership for National Unity (A.P.N.U)   Secretariat

121 Regent Road, Bourda.  Georgetown, Guyana


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  • Robert  On 01/04/2012 at 6:38 pm

    First of all I support progress, not the PPP or PNC (APNU) or anyone else. Granger forgot that he was part of the PNC when they gave 28 long years of misery-banning basic foodstuffs, the railway, causing years of transportation difficulties for Guyanese, Stupidly nationalized the bauxite industry when Guyana had no control of its markets, purging the Gov’t of all persons of a particular ethnicity-highly qualified people, and I can go on and on. How come Granger has now got a sudden epiphany that he has the answers to Guyana’s issues. Some of the issues he has put forward in his speech is downright hogwash which I will not dignify. Most progressive countries have tries them and they work eg the Value Added Tax (to name just one).

    The only thing I can see the PPP is grossly guilty of over the last 19 years is the massive corruption, and I support an independent commission of inquiry and if found guilty (and they will, including Bharat Jagdeo), their property should be confiscated by the state and they should be given prolonged jail time with very hard labour.

    Having said that the PNC had their share also in plundering the country. I know, I was a victim of the PNC (Burnham, Hamilton Green et al)

    I would suggest Guyanese should make decisions based on their head not their hearts.

    I dare you to print this


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