Fix the City of Georgetown now – Editorial

Fix the city now

 Stabroek News On December 29, 2011  Editorial |  Comments

Georgetown has lost its appeal. Time was when it was a well laid out city, boasting concrete drains and canals, tree-lined streets, a demarcated downtown area and charming markets that could lure visitors. Sadly, this is no longer the case.

Citizens born in the early 90s, some of whom have now reached the age of majority, would have grown up surrounded by stagnant and weed-filled drains; uncertain garbage disposal which has worsened over the years; flooding after a mere drizzle; unkempt trees – save for those in Main Street; inept urban planning resulting in a hodge-podge of commercial/residential areas; a disgrace of a cemetery; and stray cattle, horses, donkeys, dogs and other animals causing traffic hazards. This list is by no means exhaustive; parking, pot-holed roads, ramshackle buildings, haphazard street vending are among several other ills that persons now accept as part of the city’s ‘charm’, having grown up with them.

Is it any wonder then, that city residents are afflicted with the litterbug disease? We are all well aware that children learn what they live. It is therefore obvious that the children who grew up in the squalour of the once so-called Garden City have learned that it is okay to have filthy overflowing garbage and litter lined streets and canals. And do not tell them about by-laws; to them these do not exist.    read more

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  • Naraine Datt  On January 1, 2012 at 5:40 pm

    What Lord Green was doing for the past 25 years?

    • Lynette Andrews-Baker  On January 3, 2012 at 9:38 pm

      Your comments are truthfully expressed and I endorse everything you said. I visited Guyana in July 2011 to attend the funeral of a relative, and was appalled at the state and condition of the Le Repentir Cemetary. I surmised that the Govt. had no respect for the dead any longer. But, I was assured that things are in the works for its improvement, and, I am waiting in earnest to see if something will be done for its improvement.
      My old neighborhood in Hadfield Street near Camp Street, where there once were tree-lined avenues, now is used as a parking lot. The only sparkling light at that beginning of the avenue is the Brickdam Cathedral which seemed to have had a face lift.
      With the new Govt. in office I am hopeful that efforts will be made to restore Georgetown to its original splendour.

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