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Knowing Our Past: Current demonstrations and histories

Knowing Our Past: Current demonstrations and histories of public protest in Guyana

Stabroek staff On December 19, 2011

By Nigel Westmaas

Nigel Westmaas teaches at Hamilton College

“The people are doing nothing. It is the Government who are rioting and shooting down the people”
(Guyanese worker to British soldier, Guiana Chronicle 5th December, 1905)

The recent use of rubber bullets against APNU supporters and other citizens by Guyanese police was a disturbing use of force and a rude and unfriendly start by the new government. But equally troubling have been the official and unofficial reactions from various sectors to the demonstrations in the wake of the elections.  We have witnessed groups and individuals emerging out of the woodwork as if social sleepers to valorize the PPP’s hegemonic despotism.  Continue reading

Some Political Christmas Wishes – by A.A. Fenty

Some Political Christmas Wishes

By A. A. Fenty On December 23, 2011

Wishes and gifts in this Season of Giving inspired by the gift of a Christ Child whom many Christians believe was the Word made Flesh to walk amongst us.

This Guyana Christmas falls within the aftermath of a General Election and all that that brought with it. A new President from an Old Institution once steeped in Communist/Socialist dogma and an unprecedented configuration in the Parliament’s National Assembly must be reason(s) for Guyanese to harbour both hope and despair. In terms of a glimmer of hope, allow me to wish and dream – perhaps childlike at this time of year – relevant to what political gifts this Christmas could (or should) bring all Guyana for now, the New Year and far beyond.  Continue reading

Melanie Amaro wins first US season of ‘X Factor’

Melanie Amaro wins first US season of ‘X Factor’

Stabroek News – December 24, 2011

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – An emotional Melanie Amaro won the TV singing contest “The X Factor” on Thursday, earning a $5 million recording contract and closing the first US season of the heavily hyped Fox showmore Continue reading

Guyanese Online: Entries for December 16-25, 2011

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