APNU names its MPs, no place for Norton

APNU names its MPs, no place for Norton

20 December 2011 – Demerara Waves

The opposition coalition A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) has released its extracted list of candidates for the 2011 elections, naming those individuals set to represent it in the National Assembly.

The coalition, which won 26 seats in the 65-seat National Assembly, issued the names of 25 individuals with no place on the list for Aubrey Norton whose supporters have been protesting his exclusion.

“The 26th name will be submitted after discussions and consultation are concluded for the Speaker of the National Assembly,” the APNU said. 

Also missing from the list is Deborah Backer who the APNU has been touting to be first female Speaker of the National Assembly.

Norton met the APNU leadership on Tuesday and it was said that a review of the selection process would have been done.

“As I understand it they intended to do a review but no review was done,” Norton told Demerara Waves Online News Tuesday night when contacted for a reaction.

He added that he knew that once party leader Robert Corbin was involved there was no way he would have been on the list. The relationship between the two has been strained for years.

“Essentially, it came down to a man who the electorate has rejected,” Norton said of Corbin. He added that he intends to continue his political work. He was credited with orchestrating the APNU landslide elctoral victory in Region 10 and his supporters are of the view that the two-time parliamentarian deserved to be returned to the House.

According to the coalition, its leadership applied the “CEGGO principle” – Competence, Ethnicity, Gender, Geographical, Generational and Occupational diversity – to determine those candidates to be extracted.

“In addition, their contribution and involvement in the campaign were also considered. Naturally, with so many candidates to choose from, the task was a difficult one, involving extensive consultation with the various partners and the campaign managers in various parts of the country,” it stated.

The candidates are:

Richard Allen,  John Adams,  Volda Lawrence,  Africo Selman, Jaipaul Sharma,  Basil Williams, Jennifer Wade,  Dawn Hastings,  Vanessa Kissoon,  Rennis Morian,  Sydney Allicock,  Amna Ally,  Joan Baveghems,  James Bond,  Ronald Bulkan,  Annette Ferguson,  David Granger,  Carl Greenidge,  Joseph Harmon,  Christopher Jones,  Dr. George Norton,  Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine,  Desmond Trotman,  Keith Scott,  Winston Felix.

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  • Johan Greene  On December 22, 2011 at 1:50 pm

    It is sad Mr. Norton is not included in this list, I have seen him working feverishly in Region 10, and guessed he was already on that list.Lets get him on, we must learn to leave disputes and strives to others, so that we can move on in harmony, come on APNU leadership, its the festive season lets remedy this situation before the season ends. Merry christmas to you alll.

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